Sci/Tech Life in outer space? Japan astronomers hunt aliens


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Well, intelligent lifeforms out there, would NOT be peaceful. Why? You said, that intelligent beings are most likely peaceful, but we were intelligent long ago, and still are, and honestly, we're not peaceful. Peace is just a word, and is misjudged and misused by humans. Long ago, there was no such thing as peace.


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Well according to the movies, they can control us at will pretty much.

But think into this.
Let's ignore the God theory (God created us in 7 days, etc.) and lets go to Big Bang (Scientifically).
Universe is created when "something/nothing" explodes. We evolve, etc. etc.
Wouldn't they be at the same evolutionary stages than us? And not have like ... 10,000 year tech ahead of us?
Well, you could assume that now.. but if they have the technology to reach/make contact with us, then they're obviously more advanced.
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