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Анна Ахматова
Hello, I'm here to say I'm almost done with my lastest project "Life Though The Ages"!
What I need help with is...
-I need testers
-I need someone to do Terrain, (I hope I'm not asking too much... =/)
-A hoster when it is complete.
-Rifleman trigger, 75% of missing target.
-Unit ideas, building ideas.

Life Though The Ages is a game where you research to make units, ect. This one is more realistic. One of the maps I really wanted. My favorite feature is the Rifle Age, with rifle men. They have a slow cooldown. So they could get over runned by footmen. But their attack is high. Taking out most units with one hit. Also the mortar team is the same. But with higher attack damage. There is also no heros.

Please post comments, ideas, questions, ect.

Thank you. ^_^


Made some tests with units today, the units did what I wanted, but the tank didn't attack, after editing the tank again, it worked how I wanted it to. One tank by it's self took out 6 men. A very small tank army (1-20 didn't count, it was one small line of tanks so it's in that range.) took out a whole army of footmen. And small army of rifle men, two mortars, and one tank took out another army. The army had about 50 footmen. So a mixture of men could over run the Rifle Age units.
Going to add a Advance Rifleman. Witch will have a very low cooldown. And will take awhile to make, and get.


There was a custom game based on civilization. It was very cool. I can't imagine how long it took to make sheesh. You should check it out--might give you ideas to improve upon.


Dont have units that kill in 1 hit, say you have an army of them against an army of footmen. It wouldnt matter that you can overrun them with footmen because you would lose them all by the time you started attacking the riflemen. If not than if your army is to big the rifles will still win.

And I think what your talking about Ruination was called Heroes and Empires. Its a shame nobody played it as much as they should've. Really shows the ignorance in gamers. If it was empires only it would have caught on. You start in neolithic and end up in future, theres about 12 different ages each unlocking usually 6 different units and many building upgrades. If I describe it anymore you would probrably quit your project though, so discover it yourself :eek:


Анна Ахматова
I may increase the cooldown. But the attack is what "I" want. It makes it seem more realistic. I may end up giving the footmen more armor so it takes three hits. Also the person that upgrades to the Rifle Age may have the idea to make the whole map their empire, kingdom, ect. Or, complete conquest over the other players.
Lets say, if there was a real rifle men. And there was a real footmen. Who would more likly win. The rifle men would.
There is no food limit so a huge mass of footmen would surly defeat an army of rifle men. I may also decrease the unit training time for footmen, and increase the rifle men's training time... The same with the tanks, mortar team, and cannon towers. And decrease the rifle men's health to 100. And increase the tank's health. Making the tank the most useful unit in the game.
I know this takes out allot of exp with WarCraft melee games. But wouldn't it be nice to play a harder map where it takes more skill?

"There was a custom game based on civilization. It was very cool. I can't imagine how long it took to make sheesh. You should check it out--might give you ideas to improve upon."

May I see the map?

And thanks ban-lord2 it may be awhile before you get an email asking you to host... Or you may never get one depending if I throw this project too. =/


Well hmm. I don't think my dial-up is going to attatch the map. I clicked upload but it never began. It didn't do anything. My connection is really bad. I'm sorry )=


Анна Ахматова

I'm planning to make a Machine Age, where the the Marine (and others that I have thought up yet) can be made, then a Computer Age, this will be an upgrading Age... The Space Age will have the Zergs, and other upgrades ect.

Need some new help, how can I make the Rifleman have 75% of missing?

New Idea: You start with one whisp, you click on it. There will be 4 chooses. Orc, Human, Undead, and Night Elves. There you can make upgrades, just like the humans (Main race I started with). But, to do this I could use some more help. =/

-Unit names, and building ideas.

=) Thanks for reading.


Make Riflemen have Curse permanently on them, and change to 75% chance of missing?


From the depths, I come.
uh, have a trigger cast curse on them? why does it need to be in a trigger, abilities run it smoother.


Анна Ахматова
=/ ... Well, I guess working with a ability would be ok... I haven't ever made ability or edit one. :rolleyes: Today I guess I may learn something....
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