Limit a shop to just one player

Lord Regno

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How can I do so that only one player can buy from his shop?

Like player 11 can only buy from his shop and player 12 from his. I have tried to fix this in about one hour.
I had tried Shop Sharing/ Select Hero and then change the targets allowed.

So my question is what are the right targets allowed for this one? Remember that this two are allies and not enemy's.


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change the targets allowed field under the change unit ability to player units


I didnt slap you, i high 5'd your face.
you could make it a blank shop that does nothing and when it is selected, if the owner of it is the player that selected it, after a few seconds change the selected unit by the player to another shop that all people have access to, that way you can only shop when you have the building selected under your control


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I might be wrong, but I don't think it's possible. You can try using abilities instead of items in the shop, and when the shop uses the ability, give the item to the unit.


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you could do that with the charge lumber/gold spells, legit spells in the editor that have a gold/lumber cost rather than mana, and it would look pretty nice as well, you could just disable them when the heroes arent close via:
  • Player - Disable (ability) for Player

Lord Regno

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Skyblader you have right you can fix it with ability's.

Gfreak45 Y that work's as well

But I made upgrades of it, it's fits the function more, because they will just be available to get it ones, or I had made ability's of it instead of upgrades.

I just thought it's strange that it wont work with the shop ability's. well +rep

EDIT: Can't +rep you Gfreak :/ I have already did it in some other thread.


I didnt slap you, i high 5'd your face.
you can still purchase items from allied players shops, i think enemies as well but im not sure


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Can't you make shops that belong to the player rather than neutral?
Do what he said, don't add the Shop Sharing ability. I think that might work.
Not entirely sure, but is that ability neccessary for shops to sell? Or does it allow it to sell to other players? If so, just remove it and give control to the player of who's shop it is.

I am understanding that each player has a seperate shop, and not sharing one right?


You're living only because it's illegal killing.
There's already a solution.. If you want to venture into other solutions, perhaps you wanna try it out and post it? He already fixed it..


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Your way take longer and requires more work. We are simply suggesting easier ways instead of having to make an ability for each item being sold.
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