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Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by SkyXyden, Jan 25, 2009.

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    How does Locust Swarm works? I'm kinda not sure about it.

    What does the damage return threshold mean? And also is the healing periodic? Can I modify it?

    I gave my swarm 4000 damage and 0.5 sec att spd, but it dosent attack every 0.5, and it heal the user 1k hp even though its does 4000 and its threshold is 1k + the heal % is 25?
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    Data - Damage Return Factor
    % of damage done from locust given back to the caster.
    Damage is set on the Locust unit. Attack speed wouldn't matter - they only attack once. If the unit has 300 life, and the Locust does 600 damage, the damage done is only 300, not 600.

    Data - Damage Return Threshold
    Threshold means "the starting point for a new state or experience", so it can be assumed this is the life given back + the return factor.

    So... if the Locust does 60 damage, the return factor is 50%, threshold is 20, and the unit has 10 life.
    It would heal the caster threshold (20) + return factor (50%) * damage dealt (10), so 25 life would be returned.
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    Thanks for the info, its a great help to me :) +Rep

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