Logo of 3 Bros, I want to put on a few t shirts

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    The t shift on the, top left would have a picture of 3 bros. saying Dickinson Bros below it.
    And on the back, I would toss up a large picture of our app.

    Front, Top left of Shirt

    (working on project)
    3 Bros, one reading .net book, one coding on comp, one at drawing board like where in artest would draw. Saying Dickinson Bros Below.

    the person drawing could be drawing something that looks like a tetris board. or even just a square.

    (the game it self, being played, showing cross platform)
    On the back, using alot of the back shirt (as much as i can). haveing 3 people playing the game, one on windows phone, one on xbox, and one on a computer.


    This for a gaming contest with Microsoft, I think it would be cool if we had some t-shirts with our team name.

    But anything would be better then then what i could draw.

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