Health Long ring finger linked to increased confidence, risk taking and faster reaction


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A study has found that male stock traders whose ring fingers (the one between the little finger and the middle finger) are longer than their index fingers seem to do better at short-term trading. The relative size of the ring finger can indicate an increased sensitivity to testosterone, which might mean these individuals are extra confident, risk-taking, vigilant, persistent and quick to react. These qualities make them better-suited for something like short term, high volume investment trading.

Check out the article.

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How do scientists even figure stuff like this out haha. Are they just like ohh lets do all the studies possible on the Ring finger today guys!


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And you'll only find this in males. The index figure is 90% of the time longer then the ring finger in females and its opposite in males.

And I just talked about this with some of the girls in school today.... odd.


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Well it fits me...
My ring finger is longer than my index finger. Often I act on impulse without thinking too much about it. And yes, I am confident.

This thing is as true as any horoscope is.


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This has inspired me. I now know my career plan.
Basically, I'm going to go work for one of these big-shot research companies, one of those that produces this sort of evidence.

Then I will get paid to sit around an office all day and I can just make some shit up at the end and everyone will believe me :rolleyes:
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