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Discussion in 'General Programming Support' started by camelCase, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. camelCase

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    ... just this one feature that I've been nagging to have =/
    I haven't been able to search for it because I don't know what it's called.
    I currently use Aptana Studio and it is pretty good but it doesn't have what I want (or maybe it does and I don't know how to get it working.)

    You know, with Visual Studio, you use the #include pre-processor directive and IntelliSense automatically reads the file specified and provides code completion for it (along with other things), right?

    Is there a PHP IDE that provides the same thing for include() and include_once()?
    I find it a chore to have to continuously change tabs just to read the code, then lose my train of thought on occasion.

    Aptana Studio has code completion, but only if the function/class is in the file you are editing, you can't "include" another file and have it provide code completion for functions/classes in that other file. (Or, I haven't figured out how to enable it..)

    Right now, everything else is pretty much secondary; I just want this one little feature.
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  2. Slapshot136

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    I don't know that particular program, but more & higher-resolution screens is always good for that, since then you can look it up without changing your primary window, and you won't lose your train of though when you revert back to it
  3. UndeadDragon

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    I use NetBeans. By the sounds of things that does exactly what you want as it will autocomplete for your own functions, even in different files.
  4. The Helper

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    Have you tried Eclipse? I don't know if it has what you are looking for I just know it is a cool tool.

  5. camelCase

    camelCase The Case of the Mysterious Camel.

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    I don't have the luxury of a nice desktop with three screens =(
    (All I have is a laptop to work from; useful, since I am hardly ever home.)

    Yeah, the "different files" is what I'm really looking for.
    I'll give NetBeans a shot, then Eclipse. Thanks, guys!

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