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I am currently working on a hero arena: Tournament of Champions.

General Info
This will not be your standard bnet hero (crappy tooltips, tons of blizzard spells, huge imba characters). The heroes will not be extremely powerful either: No 3k damage crits, insta kill ults, or 8000 hp level 3 heroes running around. The focus will be what items you buy, or how you "build" your hero, which creates a greater emphasis on strategy, instead of just maxing out your 20k finger of pain and go around kill everyone. This also creates a greater need for teamwork, since heroes will be designed with synergy with other types in mind. Another reason teamwork is valuable is that killing the final boss, will result in victory for your team. This is not the only way to win, as you can also win by getting a certain number of hero kills (depending on game mode). If one team plans badly, and fails to kill the boss, the other can sweep in and kill it for victory. These means that turnarounds are always over

Oh I forgot to mention this. I would need a working beta of the terrain by the end of july. That doesnt' mean 100% complete, with all bells and whistles, but like 60/70% done.

The gods have gone through the worlds, picking out those of the greatest fortitude. These selected few have been transported to the Arena of the Gods, and have been given the chance to ensure riches and fame in their mortal lives, and a place in heaven in their eternal lives.


-Lots of unique and triggered spells (wc3sear.ch/hive make this easy)
-8 elemental minibosses, Each boss drops a unique item, which is specific to a certain class (ex: Fire Elemental drops a Fire totem that enhances mana regen, and you can lay it down and it enhances your spells with fire. This is obviously a caster item)
-1v1 Dueling (You can challenge anyone, even an ally!)
-Team duels that occur regularly
-Final boss. You must first complete a miniquest to get to him
- Detailed tooltips, divided into two parts: Story and technical information. So if you like reading the story you can, but if not you can skip straight to the important information

Anyway here is the main point of this thread: I suck at terraining. I can do basic terrain, but I can't produce anything with a truely "epic" feel. So i am asking for someone to do it for me.

I already have a basic layout (see link below) setup for what I think would be good, but I am totally open to suggestions to be better (although it must be balanced).



If you do decide to design the terrain here are the things it needs to include:

Things It needs to include
- Needs to be on a medium sized map (theres just not enough room for all this on a small, and a large is to big)
- Must be confrontational. What i mean by this is: set up in a way so that heroes are likely to run into each other.
- Exactly 11 creep spawns
- Hero selection Area
- 8 separate miniboss arenas (remember this is a TOURNAMENT, so something coliseum-ish would be perfect), and a boss arena
- Small private 1 v 1 duel arena
- Larger, 5v5 arena. (again, someway to put spectators naturally in there would be cool)
- 2 bases (duh lol). About the size I have on the layout would be good.
- 9 waygates. I want the boss arenas to be only accesable via these, not by just walking
- Practical for PvP. I want this to be beautifal, but there must be enough open space for practical pvp. This means the paths should be at least wide enough to hold 3 people
-Must fit 1 of the two themes.
-Sunken ruins: The arena of gods is set amongst the ruins of an ancient civilizations. Strange statues and trees adorn this place, adding to the air of mystery.
- The arena of the Gods is located high in the heavens, beyond where any mortal can reach without Divine Intervention. It is a mysterious place, full of many wonders and symbols that mortals cannot begin to comprehend (Set in the sky, if possible floating (maybe its possible to reskin a tile to look like sky and place it around the edge so the arena appears to be floating?). This is more open to interpretation: It can be pretty much anything as long as it has a truely epic and god-like feel to it.

Post here or message me on aim/yahoo/msn/email (all are in my profile), if you are interested.
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