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Ive been out of the map making business for a while now and I have a lot of thoughts rolling around upstairs that I would like to turn into hopefully a nice map. Keep in mind im not looking for this to be the next DOTA or anything like that, hell I make maps for fun thats it. Basic premise is as follows:

-3 to 5 control points with a large tower at each one. The towers job is to damage a stronghold for held by each team. The more towers your team controls the faster you win. This is a bit tricky though because I want the tower to attack ONLY the stronghold and nothing else within its range. Anyone who knows how to script that please speak up.

-Im on the fence about a creep spawn system for fear of mimicking DOTA too much, I want a somewhat unique style map (thoughts anyone?)

-Heroes will be present. I want them dynamic and not overpowered, stressing on tactics over item power.

-Some sort of structure building allowing heroes to build either an attack, defense or heal tower on designated areas throughout the map (Ability based, long cool down)

-I need to make a channeled ability for capturing each main tower, 10 sec cap time with any damage causing an interrupt (Need help with this one)

-It would be neat to have a companion system where each hero gets a selectable companion that levels with them but is not directly controllable (will auto attack enemies that are in range. Again no idea how to script in something like that)

-Income system would be periodic with bonuses for killing structures, heroes, creeps ect.

Thats really all I have at least for tonight with my tired mind. For anyone who can help me or offer advice, input, ideas all would be greatly appreciated. Again this is a fun project for me so I dont care how they all get done as long as most work haha.


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Try make the game as interesting, different and unique as possible.

People like things different, otherwise its "Just another one of those maps". If you know what I mean?

(custom abilities that go well with each other, normally are fairly interesting. Try to keep the game fast paced, that way the players are never bored. Perhaps events of some type periodically to make the game a lil more spontaneous)


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I totally agree with you that so many people are unoriginal and take an idea thats been done before and just put a small twist on it and call it new. I would like to be innovative and have people say "hey this is pretty neat, ive never seen this before" I like the idea of periodic events throughout gameplay. It will help keep things moving along. Now what that event will be, that still remains a mystery.
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