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Lordaeron Castle Defense is a survival game that burrows gameplay elements from Fortress Survival, Castle Defense and WoW Boss Fights. The setting of the map is in the ruins of Lordaeron right before Lady Sylvanas launches her assault on the city. The objective of the game is to build a base with your allies in the city while the undead try to kill you for 45 minutes. If you survive you then go to fight the final bosses.

There are 5 playable races Humans, Blood Elves, Night Elves, Druids and Demon Hunters. Every races has unique units, 2 heroes, items and gameplay style.

The hero system is very unique considering you get to spec your heroes. Each hero has 8 abilities and you get to choose which 4 they get to learn. Just to give you an idea of some of the awesome spells ideas in Lordaeron Castle Defense, there is the hero Dark Ranger for the Demon Hunter race. One of her ultimates is Black Skies which is like Starfall but when a unit is killed by it they then turn into a skeleton that fights for you.

Everything is planned, it just needs to be completed. All the hero abilities and cinematic are written out on paper. The terrain layout is complete just need someone to pretty it up and add doodads.

Positions to be filled
Terrain - Fill Me!
Tooltips - Mitchel
Spells - Fill Me!
Cinematic - Fill Me!

ProgressTerrain - 2/5
Tooltips - 2/5
Spells - 1/5
Units - 4/5
Bosses - 3/5
Triggers - 5/5
Cinematic - 1/5

Download Map Here

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