Lordaeron Defense [Need Tester and Balancers]


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Hello everyone!

Lordaeron Defense is a combination of some of my favorite WC3 maps
which are Fortress Survival and the old Castle Defenses.
There are 5 unique races that must defend Lordaeron from Lady Sylvanas.
You can play as Human, Blood Elf, Night Elf, Druid or Demon Hunter.
Build an army within the walls of Lordaeron fight back Lady Sylvanas's
waves of minions until reinforcements from Stormwind arrive.

I have been working on this map for a very long time.
I first started conceptualizing it years ago and I think last year I finally got it to a playable stage.
So now I am ready to debug it and balance it and release a playable version.

I am looking for some testers and some one with knowledge on balancing.
I am wondering if I should just test the game and after each test write down fixes and do them until I'm satisfied.
Does that sound about right?

Contact me on skype:


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I have been working on this map the past couple of weeks and have the units balanced.
Currently working out a few bugs and fixes but almost done.
I am really surprised on how much fun this map is to play.

Right now I am looking for a terrainer. The map is of Lordaeran when Sylvanas sieges it.
Should be a really fun map to terrain.

I will be starting multiplayer testing soon as well if anyone would like to join in.

Right now I am looking for a Terrainer
And Testers.

Add me on skype or reply to this thread.


i could lend a hand for the terrain. but i dont know if i can really find the time to do so. so if you want me to do it dont rely on me too much.


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I can definitely help you with testing, however I wont be able to test with you as I use a private server.
But if you send me a link to the map I can test it with many people and return with some feedback.
Reply here, PM me or add me on skype from the icon above.


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Thanks a lot guys!

Today I am going to work really hard at getting a rough first version done.
Ran into a problem with night elf tree buildings.

I will keep you posted


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I should be able to get a rough version done tonight or tomorrow.

Right now I am taking screenshots of Lordaeron in the TFT campaign to help with terrianing.

I also plan to make a little video to give you guys a look at the map.


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Here is a testable Beta version!
View attachment LordaeronDefenseBeta1.1.w3x

Right now I am looking for a terrainer.
I have the layout of the map complete, it just needs to be prettied up.
The map theme is the ruins of Lordaeron.
I have the city sectioned off into the City Gardens, Military Ward, Cathedral, Residential District and Keep.

Contact me on Skype if you are interested in testing or terraining.
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