Report Low Cognitive Ability Linked To Prejudice Against Same-Sex Couples, Australian Study Shows

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    Adding to existing knowledge regarding correlations between low cognitive ability and propensity toward prejudice, a new study by the University of Queensland shows that less intelligent people tend to express more prejudicial attitudes against same-sex couples.

    Titled “The Cognitive Roots of Prejudice Towards Same-Sex Couples: An Analysis of an Australian National Sample,” authored by Francisco Perales and published in the peer-reviewed journal Intelligence, this is the first study to analyze the associations between attitudes towards LGBT issues and cognitive ability on a non-U.S. sample.

    Previous research indicates that lower general intelligence in childhood predicts anti-homosexual prejudice in adulthood. For instance, a Brock University study titled “Bright Minds and Dark Attitudes,” published in Psychological Science, showed that lower intelligence predicts greater prejudice, predominantly through low inter-group contact and right-wing ideology.

    Professor Francisco Perales’ study analyzed data from 11,654 Australians who participated in the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey. HILDA, a large household-based longitudinal survey, is the first survey of this kind in Australia, and it provides longitudinal data about Australian residents on subjective well-being, family dynamics, economic well-being, and more.

    Cognitive ability was assessed using the following three cognitive ability measures.

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