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Version History

1.11% : latest version, see the attached changelog for more details.
1.1% r1 : old version, very buggy, not recommended.
1.1% : old version.
1.0% : first release

Introduction: Loyalty is an all new game which is unlike any others. We offer many unique and interesting gameplay elements that hopefully can please even the most hardcore gamers. As a branch from the original AoS type of game, you are expected to fight with other players for survival.Whether you are a solo player or with a team, the game is balanced to suit your needs. That's why you can enjoy playing without caring about the unfairness that you alone are up against a whole team of 5 veteran players. It's an open-ended series of choices for you to make !

Notable features:

-Unique heroes and abilities : Ever seen a hero relying on the terrain and weather to adapt its playstyle or the work of steering directions for a swarm of bad breath? You will see it here along with many other surprises.
-Dynamic Faction : You have played a team-based game or a solo-based game before, but how about a mix of them ? The choice is yours to be alone or with others, and we ensure the game to be balanced for everyone.
-Four opposing forces: Beyond the usual Good versus Evil motive that forces you to follow, in Loyalty, you are what you are, either a hero or a betrayer hated by everyone.
-Robust Shop System : Just take a look, you will see just how friendly and interesting our shop system is, which allows both newbies and pros to take advantage of it.
-Stealthy Actions : Hiding, Sneaking, Assassinating. Self-explanatory !
-And many others: It would take us a decade to list all things that could interest you in Loyalty. Just take a look at the game, we are confident that you'd love it.


If you like the game and want to contribute to make it better, we encourage you to send an email to the map's author : Be it a suggestion, a question or even a complaint, we are sure to love to hear from you.



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  • Wizard Wizard:
    Sounds good lol
  • Wizard Wizard:
    I did reply with more info just now about what we did in the past and what we are doing now.
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    it is all good
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    it is all percolating man
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    LOL I love this place
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    We all do.
  • O Old Mountain Shadow:
    So what is next for Is there a new set goals yet?
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    yes we are going to be expanding
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    help more people
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    thank you for asking Old Mountain Shadow hell ya@
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    Look at Mountain Shadow in the chat!
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    thanks although I'm really kind of regretting this name lol ... is there a way to change it out or will I need to make a new account?
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    One of us can change it for you, I believe. Just send me a PM on what you want.
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    Some day we should get the feature where you can change your own name.
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    did the mountain shadow get his name changed? personally I think Old Mountain Shadow is a kickass name
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    but what do i know lol

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