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//////////:: GooS ICONS

Magical Weapons
Five diffrent weapons.

Download: See attachments

This pack only contains .blp's
a bit higher quality of them though.

Converted at 80% of original quality.

Total size of all images (BLP): 72.60kB

Import the files using paths said below.
Restart World Editor and the textures should
be working.

Please do not claim these images as your own or make
changes in them without my concent.
You may however use and distribute them how you see fit
as long as you say who made them and this readme follows.

Hope you like them.


//////////:: Bow of Wight


NOTE: Not my proudest moment, but it was just to booring to keep working on.

Name: BTNbowOfWightGS.blp
Type: BLP (Blizzard Texture File)
Size: 8.73kB
Import Path:

Name: DISBTNbowOfWightGS.blp
Type: BLP (Blizzard Texture File)
Size: 5.28kB
Import Path:

//////////:: Ebon Axe of Lightning


Name: BTNebonAxeLightningGS.blp
Type: BLP (Blizzard Texture File)
Size: 10.00kB
Import Path:

Name: DISBTNebonAxeLightningGS.blp
Type: BLP (Blizzard Texture File)
Size: 5.96kB
Import Path:

//////////:: Frozen Rune Blade


Name: BTNfrostRuneBladeGS.blp
Type: BLP (Blizzard Texture File)
Size: 9.17kB
Import Path:

Name: DISBTNfrostRuneBladeGS.blp
Type: BLP (Blizzard Texture File)
Size: 5.74kB
Import Path:

//////////:: Staff of Natures Tears


NOTE: If y'all would like a version with a more brown staff I got one, just tell me.

Name: BTNstaffOfNaturesTearsGS.blp
Type: BLP (Blizzard Texture File)
Size: 8.49kB
Import Path:

Name: DISBTNstaffOfNaturesTearsGS.blp
Type: BLP (Blizzard Texture File)
Size: 5.27kB
Import Path:

//////////:: Plagued Blade


Name: BTNplagueBladeGS.blp
Type: BLP (Blizzard Texture File)
Size: 8.67kB
Import Path:

Name: DISBTNplagueBladeGS.blp
Type: BLP (Blizzard Texture File)
Size: 5.34kB
Import Path:


  • BLPweaponNameGS_RMInc.zip
    49.4 KB · Views: 709
Yet another great pack , +rep. My favorite is the Frozen Rune Blade

Thank you very much :)

I only really like the frosty rune blade, and the poison blade is ok.

To be honest the rune blade is my favorite aswell, but could you say what you don't like about the other ones :)

Oh and I'll post the images of altered versions of the bow and the staff and you can say if you like them better :)

Edit: The Altered Versions


A Tutorial to make these :) , yay!

Though it will be a more basic weapon so that almost anyone can make it :)

Also to properly follow the tutorial you will need Photoshop.
Amazing work, again.
I love the Frost Blade. :D

Yes! Tuorial(s)! :D

I love them and all the other packs by you.

-iPeez <3
While nice, they don't have that warcraft feel to them. They look too... watercolory to me.
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