US News Maine vegan, who loves tofu, forced to give up ‘LUVTOFU’ license plate in crackdown against obscenity


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One vegan from Maine has got major beef with the state’s new system for approving vanity license plates.

Maine vegan Peter Starostecki was forced to forfeit his “LUVTOFU” plate as a result of the state cracking down on tags deemed inappropriate.

For several years the state had allowed motorists to customize their plates with almost any combination of letters and numbers — including combinations that other states would ban.

Maine said that Starostecki’s “LUVTOFU” plate could have been seen as a sexual reference instead of a declaration of his adoration of the popular plant-based protein.

The “LUVTOFU” plates were one of 274 in total banned by the state of Maine this year. The state has rejected all appeals thus far, including one by Starostecki.


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Because... Maine! :) Some backward ass country people in Maine that is for sure. Place is frozen half the time and alot of crazy people living in the woods.
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