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How can i make if a unit (Selcted Unit) has 5000 hp left he douse a spell (Selcted Spell) to any unit in region 1 some thing like that ;)
You must realise we're on different time zones here, and the population has vastly diminished as well.

  • Sample
    • Events
      • Unit - Caster 0001 <gen>'s life becomes Greater than or equal to 5000.00
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Set TempUnitGroup = (Units in YourRegion <gen>)
      • Set TempUnit = (Random unit from TempUnitGroup)
      • Unit - Order Caster 0001 <gen> to Undead Lich - Frost Nova TempUnit
      • Custom script: call DestroyGroup (udg_TempUnitGroup)
You can do something similar to this

  • Event - Unit is attacked
    • Condition - Life of Attacked unit is Less than or Equal to 5000
    • Action
    • -Pick every unit in (region 1) and do actions
    • - Create 1 DummyUnit at position of attacked unit.
    • -Order unit to (name of your spell) picked unit
    • -add a 1 sec timer to last created unit

dummy unit is a unit with no model, no shadow, has the locust ability and your spell (this should have no manacost and no cooldown inorder to be able to cast to multiple units in a short time)

this trigger is just a sketch of what your trigger should really look like..this just gives the basic function of what you would like to happen(i think)

EDIT: LOL I had no idea that kaerfnomekop had already posted
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