Malware found in ... my own program Oo ?

Discussion in 'General Programming Support' started by Accname, Feb 15, 2014.

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    Hi guys.

    I was working on a piece of software for work when suddenly my anti-virus program popped up to tell me about a malware detection. In my own program.
    More specifically in the .class file generated from my java source code.
    The .class file is generated by eclipse; I have no idea how this could be possible.

    The report was about an exploit with the beautiful name of "EXP/11-3544.CS.1".
    This exploit is said to abuse a bug in JVM version 7.23 or lower.

    I dont know how I should feel about this. I guess this could be a false positive, but for now I am pretty confused.
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    Is is repeatable? If you delete the file and Eclipse generates it again, will it still pop up?
  3. Accname

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    Nope. Deleted the file, was recompiled, nothing popped up anymore.
    Also told my boss about it and he had the entire repository scanned.

    Might very well be a false positive of a too protective anti-virus program. Or the guy working on the application before me was either a moron or a huge dick.

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