Crime Man 'killed baby' who wouldn't stop crying during football game


Oh Shi.. Don't wake the tiger!
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Tre'viance Markese Walker, 22, charged with first-degree murder in Norman, Oklahoma
He grabbed the baby with such force, the child's head 'snapped back', according to a police report

A man has been charged with the first-degree murder of his girlfriend's son after he allegedly attacked the child because he was crying during a football game. Tre'viance Markese Walker, 22, was looking after his girlfriend's baby for a few hours on December 7 while he watched the University of Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State football game on TV.

The fve-month-old boy, identified only as JB, was grabbed so aggressively by Walker that his head 'snapped back', according to a police report.

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Weird how a simple term like 'snapped back' can conjure forth such vivid imagery. Ouch.


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In fairness, it was an important game and the baby was rooting for the wrong team. Bitch baby.


Oh Shi.. Don't wake the tiger!
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Make sure you are on the quiet side. Varine Well, you never know what might happen!
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