Crime Man stabbed and beheaded on Greyhound bus: Chilling witness account - UPDATED WITH TRUE CRIME DOCUMENTARY


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Thirty-six passengers on a Greyhound bus watched in horror Wednesday night as a fellow passenger stabbed a man sleeping next to him, decapitated him and began waving around the man's severed head.

The bus made an emergency stop, and passengers fled in terror onto the darkening Trans-Canada Highway near Portage la Prairie, Man., while the bus's driver and a driver of a nearby truck shut the crazed man inside the bus with the victim. Passengers on the Winnipeg to Edmonton bus say they stood outside and watched through the window, horrified, as the man disfigured the victim's body.

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According to , the man's name was Vince Weiguang Li, and he's only being charged with second-degree murder, presumably because it wasn't premeditated.

I wonder if this is a case of "Greyhound therapy": a mental health institution, or a shelter, giving someone a one-way ticket to somewhere beyond state borders, so they don't have to deal with him anymore.


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Not surprising. You can only be too close to someone on a Greyhound. I've spent enough time listening to people's inane conversations.

If I was just a little bit crazier..


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Seems kinda normal. Except for the part where there was nothing to provoke the man.

In the city while riding the bus, many people argue and fight, for simple reasons such as 'you is be sitting too close to me!' or 'move your backpack, I want to sit!'.

So the bigger mystery is what was the motivation? And why to such extremes?

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Update on this - this documentary just came out on this incident



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Hello.. It's been a while since my last post. LOL
But WoW.. A truly horrifying story.
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