World Man sues hospital for $870M, says wife’s C-section caused him ‘psychotic illness’

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An Australian man tried to sue a hospital in Melbourne over claims that he developed a “psychotic illness” as a result of watching his wife give birth via caesarean section.

Anil Koppula sued the Royal Women’s Hospital, where his wife gave birth in January 2018, for A$1 billion (nearly C$870 million), according to the local TV news station 7News.

Though his wife birthed a healthy baby, Koppula claimed the hospital breached its duty of care owed to him by allowing him to watch the C-section. In his legal claim — filed several years after the birth — Koppula said he is owed damages because of his alleged life-changing psychological injury.

He additionally claimed the psychotic illness led to a “breakdown of his marriage.”

Koppula said he was “encouraged, or permitted, to observe the delivery” and saw his wife’s “organs and blood” during the procedure, which led to the alleged illness’ onset.


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