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I am new to map making and was wondering if anybody here could give me any ideas of maps to make.

I was also wondering if someone could link n e maps that could help me figure this out more the tutorial is some what confusing still:confused:. If u no any or have any then can u plz link it.:D:D


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Well ummm best way to figure out how the game works is to open up unprotected maps and read their triggers etc. (that's how i did it, i didn't even know about this)

Or if that doesn't help a good way to get into the rythym of creating triggers than go and learn java/c++ even the basics (first few chapters) will make you so much more enlightened to this process


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If you're new to mapmaking I suggest you to fumble around a bit before you start making an acual map.
You know, fumble with the object editor, make some triggers and see if you can get them to work, terrain a bit.


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My suggestion is to make a simple td map from scratch. It's easy, it's basic and it's a real good start even for being the first time you make a map. You get the knowledge to spawn mobs at points, change damage, model file and size of units and so on. Also if you get stuck somewhere, check out how someone else has done in he's map and learn from him. That's what I did and it wasn't to hard really.
Anyway good luck and have fun.


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WarChasers. That's how I started. I wanted to make a hero that looked like the morphed DemonHunter.:)


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well the way that i started was simply to start with an new map... maximum the size, and deal it up in alot of rooms, the just make an map in each of them, hero arena, duel, aos, ect. ect... just fumple around with the triggers and all the options in WE


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what I did to learn the basics is create a very simple (boring to play but great to learn the basics) hero deathmatch arena

basicly you would pick a hero from a "hero arena" then that hero is moved to another place where there are shops and your able to repick within some time level, then you move to the main battle area where you fight, and each time someone kills someone, the one that died would drop 1 gold coin for each death, so if he had died 3 times he would drop 3 gold, and I had a killboard list and when someone got 30 kills he won and all other lost etc etc

very very basic idea but I was able to play around alot with triggers on it and I even made several custom hero's and hero skills, triggered abilitys for that map to get a feel for that

as I said very basic and boring map to play but awsome for my learning curve

And dont be afraid to post any questions here, we all have "this :banghead:" moment when making maps :p just make sure you try as hard as you can and post what you have so far and not let the people here do all the work for you :)

Cheers and I wish you the best of luck


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Rofl the first map i started making was WOW - Karazhan lol... which was about a month ago o.o the very first map! a few days later i was about to finish it, and i got bored so i abandoned it. The next map i made was blinkmania.... which kinda didnt turn out good cause all the other tag games were cooler.T_T Then i made a farming game (last week), but never finished it... too much triggering and now m making som random map :D

GL to u buddy and welcome to the world of the confusing WE! :D

P.S, if u dont want to make a map like building games (Melee maps) then go in trigger editor and delete the trigger :D then when u set

start locations, it wont make town halls, necropolis, stronghold etc.


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hey gofd. welcome to the forums XD

a simple map could take a week depending on what your trying to do and how fast you learn the functions.
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