Map Randomly Crashes whilst being played Online


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Hello and sorry for the long thread name.

Ever since few days ago (can't remember and pinpoint the exact date) my map started to freeze and eventually crash during gameplay. The weirdest thing is that the map does not crash when being played solo (aka if you run it through World Editor ''Test Map'') or if you play it alone online.

The map crashes only if people play with me online, and usually around 20th minute or 12th minute. Now, I'm not sure what's causing this, but I did my best and basically fixed every leak I could think of to prevent this from happening.

Whilst the map crashes, I noticed that Warcraft 3 Reforged uses around 4gb of ram, I'm not sure if this is normal but this is the latest thing I've seen going on when it crashes. I would gladly test my map by turning off one trigger per game, but unfortunately as I've said the problem does not represent itself unless someone is playing with me :(

I'm also getting this message everytime I open up World Editor ''Failed to load Enviroment Map for tileset K'' and it's specifically when I'm opening my map (attachment below). I did some tweaking, disabling one by one category in triggers every time I host map online to play with others. So far I covered a lot, there are few categories left that I haven't checked and the map still crashes unfortunately.

What I did that could potentially cause the crash
  • Hosting the game with an icon before the title, something like '' ️ Defend the King''. - Tried hosting without the ''/'' or the icon, still crashes.
  • Replaced original Music ''ArthasTheme'' with my own theme. - Tried to restore the original file by importing it from ''New Map'' and using custom Music, didn't help.
  • Disabled my antivirus fully during gameplay - Did not work
  • Fixed most of the leaks - apparently that didn't work either

I'm attaching my map in hopes for someone to take a look at it. Now, I know it will take a lot of time for you to inspect this, and the best thing I can offer you is donation via Paypal for your help!

Thank you in advance!




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I recall being able to play on one PC with multiple wc3 instances running at the same time, so I could play in LAN with myself. If that option still exists, it may be a good idea.

( )
Some other ideas:
1. does the game crash in non-reforged WC3?
2. do you create units/locations outside the map area?
3. do you have some glitched (imported?) models?
4. Do you use GetLocalPlayer()?
5. Do you have some code that only gets run/runs a little differently in multiplayer?
6. did you google for crashes here on Perhaps that can give you some ideas of what's happening.
7. Any slowdown before the crash?
8. Any kind of conversions (H2I) commonly used in ancient triggers?
9. Using game cache/saved games/other features that don't work well in MP?

Failing that, can you export the triggers and post them here as text? I don't have WC3 installed anymore. If it's too much code, you can upload the code of functions that you think are relevant.
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