Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Arcane, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. Arcane

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    +87 / 0 / -0 friend gave me this website...

    The file is HUGE, and the game characters and monsters version :eek: , but it's a good game, only lacking cooler spells and a greater variety of creatures... :D

    *Really, it's huge, took me almost three hours to download.

    Edit: Guide>>>Download>>>Scroll Down>>>EXE>>>Wait for five hours>>>Fill up all your leftover CPU space... :D
  2. sqrage

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    its only 200 MB man, thats not so huge at all with cable connection it takes only like 20 minutes. :eek:
  3. AgentPaper

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    bah, 3 hours? you pansy! It took me 3 days to download the WoW patches. (56k)
  4. Syndrome

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    Wow, this game is buggy, i mean really buggy, I'm this archer dude and i was playing until i died for whatever reason, i wasn't hit, my HP was full, and i was alone...
  5. lego2211

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    I should download it sometime.....heh w/e :D

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