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    Greetings fellow writers;
    I would like to know what you do in order to create your maps (if you do create them?)
    I am yet to find any good software or anything for it, and drawing them by hand is out of the question, as I have almost 0 artistic drawing skills, and by the end, mine look like what a 4th grader would draw.
  2. Ninva

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    Do them by hand. Then get an artist to do it for you IF you publish.

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    I can draw w.e you need brotha.
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    This is more or less what I do. When you're making maps for organizational purposes only, even something as simple as circles with lines leading to one another to define paths and towns or whatever can be useful.

    I highly recommend map-making for pretty much any story that goes outside of a small area. Actually, I tend to recommend them for even those small areas...

    Corruption takes place in a single town-area, for the most part, and yet I had huge benefits from creating a map of the town, marking the important places [main character's houses, places where fights occurred, etc. etc.] because it allowed me to see the bigger picture, so to speak.

    Furthermore, I also recommend using a timeline. It wasn't until I started using this practice as well that Corruption really fleshed out into more of a story and the fall-out of that book truly created fuller versions of it's 4 other brothers in the Stinda Saga.

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