Sci/Tech Massive floating generators, or 'eco-rigs', to provide power and food to Japan

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Battered by soaring energy costs and aghast at dwindling fish stocks, Japanese scientists think they have found the answer: filling the seas with giant “eco-rigs” as powerful as nuclear power stations.

The project, which could result in village-sized platforms peppering the Japanese coastline within a decade, reflects a growing panic in the country over how it will meet its future resource needs.

The floating eco-rig generators which measure 1.2 miles by 0.5 miles (2km by 800m) are intended to harness the energy of the Sun and wind. They are each expected to produce about 300 megawatt hours of power.

Some energy would be lost moving the electricity back onshore, but when three units are strapped together, scientists at Kyushu University say, the effect will be the same as a standard nuclear power station.

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I'm not entirely sure where the "eco" fits in with these "eco-rigs". All right, so they don't produce any greenhouse gases, but they're still flipping the ocean ecosystem upside-down and filling it with "specially selected seaweed" to bolster their "dwindling fish stocks": that is, it's a farm. I don't blame the Japanese for doing this, but (for the second time today) let's call this what it is. Not everything with a solar panel on it is good for the environment.
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