max amount of abilities learned?

Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by sunshinex3, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. sunshinex3

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    Can i get around the limit of hero abilities learned? maybe with spell book or engineering upgrade?
    (i have researched the topic but it remains unclear)

    what i want:
    one hero to choose between 8 different abilities he would only be allowed to use 4, (once one is picked the corresponding one will be disabled and perhaps an engineering upgrade will be added to further empower the ability that was chosen)
  2. Accname

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    It is not possible as far as I know but I never really tried to break it so maybe I am wrong.
    There are however enough alternatives like having a separate unit for these things and enumlating the menu that way.
  3. sunshinex3

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    my plan B; involves me making a butch of variations of the hero( with different combinations of the abilities), but thats like 16 variation( or more im not good at math ) and use a building with upgrades to pick which combinations of the abilities he will use.

    i think this would work it would be super tedious but it would work i wouldn't be able to upgrade those abilities after with engineering upgrade though
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  4. Marcos_M

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    I think the best you can do is using a spellbook, removing the ability to learn abilities and add dummy abilities to the spellbook as your learning abilities, you can use requirements as needed for things like the ultimate.
    Once you learn 4 abilities you remove the other 4 from the spellbook.
    (You should research for Spellbook tutorial for this last thing)

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