US News McDonalds sued by man for $1.5 Million. Only got 1 napkin


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A McDonald's customer is suing the fast food restaurant for $1.5million because he was given only one napkin with his meal.

Webster Lucas claims he is now unable to work because of the 'undue mental anguish' and 'emotional distress' caused by the incident. He launched the lawsuit following a row with the store manager at the outlet in Pacoima, California, on January 29.

Tempers seem to have flared after Mr Lucas complained that he had received just a single paper towel with his Quarter Pounder Deluxe. Mr Lucas, who is African-American, says the he was racially abused by the manager when he went back to the counter to ask for more, according to TMZ.

The employee, who is named only as 'Angel' and is said to be of Mexican-American appearance, is alleged to have mumbled something that sounded like 'you people', Mr Lucas claims.

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Man, Americans are so flippin weird. It's almost like they're all hell-bent on becoming filthy rich, regardless of how stoopid it makes them look.

If this had happened anywhere else in the world, the company would've just laughed at him and maybe sent him a box of tissues for his "emotional distress". Same with that infamous hot coffee ordeal... you're making European football players look like Spartans.



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I dunno, those burns were pretty effin' bad. McDonald's coffee maker's thermostat was obviously off-calibration because a regular temperature coffee could not cause burns so severe. She wasn't driving and spilled her coffee on herself, she was in the McDonald's parking lot and at a stop, went to pick up her coffee from the top where you're supposed to hold it and the top wasn't secured properly, causing the spill. When she sought out reimbursement for the medical bills, McDonald's offered her $800 and nothing more. I mean, what is that? That's more insulting than offering nothing, and coming from a multi-billion dollar giant of a corporation like McDonald's? They shouldn't have had any problem paying off her entire medical bill, and it's entirely possible that the lawsuit would have never been filed had they done so, given that it wasn't considered until she was forced to find a way to pay for her bills otherwise. Lawsuit seems like a reasonable course of action to follow up with.

The whole thing was portrayed as a huge joke and as something absurd in the media because that was one of the major catalysts Bush used to help spur forth his movement of tort reform. They made it the go-to case for their fight against 'frivolous lawsuits', and in order to do that they had to downplay any of the case's credibility; what better way than talking it down on the news?

The guy in this article just sounds like a little bitch, but that coffee spill was pretty fuckin' bad.


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KMilz, firecat does not approve of your pictures. You now have been marked for termination by the burning vengeance of flaming kittens.


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I work in a restaurant, and I specifically make sure to give everyone only one extra napkin. Then I intentionally mutter racist shit under my breath and wait for their reactions.

Then, after that, I give my customers to-go cups for their coffee, and I tell them to only pick up the cups from the lids. I microwave the coffee for a solid 120 seconds beforehand and sit back to watch the fireworks!

This shit is so stupid.
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