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Discussion in 'Spells' started by Tinki3, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Man-o-Bomb

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    Try to shift the model of the hook out with War Stomp! Looks very nice :cool:

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  2. LordXavier

    LordXavier TH.net Regular

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    Extremely good, I'm using it in my map. I won't forget to give credit to you. 10/10
  3. Windwalk

    Windwalk New Member

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    how do i make it so that he pauses when does the skill ??? like in dota how pudge pauses and is unable to move
  4. CaptDeath

    CaptDeath New Member

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    hey will this also snag allies?
  5. The Undaddy

    The Undaddy Creating with the power of rage

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    I believe the spell is based off channel and has "options - disable other abilities" checked to do so.
  6. RiverFirefly

    RiverFirefly Guest

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    i edited this cause umm... just cause


    pause him in the trigger after Set MeatHook_Offset = (MeatHook_Offset + 40)
    then unpause him when the target unpauses, if you do it when the hook starts it will fly in the direction of teh start ofthe map so do it there, then yeah pudge cant walk off
  7. Igor_Z

    Igor_Z You can change this now in User CP.

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    Hmm it looks kinda nice, the only thing wrong is: make the hook to target the origin or something
  8. burne-

    burne- New Member

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    I think it looks bad, In higher levels the hook stays in the place where casted instead of following the hero. I did different sort of hook and you can see it in my map Naruto: Way of the ninja.
  9. mordocai

    mordocai New Member

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    hey, i know im bumping this topic but i have unchecked allies for targets and put in a condition making sure that the targeted unit isnt an ally, but it still hits allies, anyways to fix it? +rep:thup:
  10. noob_smoke

    noob_smoke New Member

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    can be used by 2 units in same time ????
  11. veilside07

    veilside07 New Member

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    How Di I?

    Hey!! that's good.

    I thank you for that cause that's the one I really requested before.

    I had my question on that, how do I make my meat hook in longer range not only in leveling up?

    Can you teach me how?
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  12. Joshman_09

    Joshman_09 New Member

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    this may be a dumb question but how do i import the skill into my map?
  13. Astal

    Astal New Member

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    Awesome this is just the spell i needed for my balrog, ill have to change the hook to a net though, I will give credit if I use in my map.
  14. wardenblack

    wardenblack Member

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    good job Very nice indeed but I won't say this is better than Dota's version and I'll give my reason.
    In dota you can cast the spell and move away so the pulled unit fallows you.
    If you can make it like that 5/5.
  15. Sunchips

    Sunchips New Member

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    About the animation, in DotA when pudge launches his hook he plays half his attack animation and then freezes the animation so he stands still with one arm kinda pointing forward until the hook has retracted to him. I can't find any way to do this do you know how to do it? (a)

    btw thanks so much for posting this map :)
  16. Klinus

    Klinus New Member

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    Wow nice work! but when im doing it its only going about 200 range and then go back why?
  17. BRUTAL

    BRUTAL I'm working

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    Doing what?..
    Casting it you mean?
    If you are using the gui version, try using the spell when its leveled up? In other words, look in object editor.
  18. Klinus

    Klinus New Member

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    Yes when im casting, but its only going 200 range and then go back i almost cant see it and it doesn´t matter what level it are it will just go 200 range anyway. Im using gui yes but what do u mean by look in object editor?
  19. tooltiperror

    tooltiperror Super Moderator Staff Member

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    I thought you had to post the GUI and JASS in the first post, its in a sticky.

    OH WELL.

    Anyway, you should also add "DotA" into the title of the thread.
  20. Executor

    Executor I see you

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    It's enough when he adds that this is a "Meat Hook" like the one in DotA to the description.

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