World Meerut, India: Monkeys run away with COVID-19 test samples, locals fear spread of infection

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    Meerut: On Friday, a troop of monkeys attacked a lab technician, who was carrying COVID-19 test samples of suspected COVID-19 patients, in Uttar Pradesh's Meerut. The monkeys snatched the samples of the suspected COVID-19 patients from the lab technician and ran away.

    The incident took place on the premises of Meerut Medical College. The medics had collected samples for testing from three persons, who were suspected to be infected by the deadly virus. However, before the samples could have been tested, the monkeys snatched them from the lab technician and ran away. The doctors have collected fresh samples from the patients.

    Later, one of the monkeys, who attacked the lab technician, was spotted atop a tee chewing the sample collection kits. Parts of some kits were spotted strewn on the ground under the tree. The video of the incident went viral on social media platforms. On being questioned by media, Meerut district magistrate Anil Dhingra said that he hasn’t seen any such video but would initiate an inquiry into the matter.

    The menace of the monkeys is a recurrent phenomenon in the area, but this time, the locals are now apprehensive about the spread of COVID-19 infection as the monkeys carried the test samples to nearby residential areas.

    Read more here. (Times Now News)

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