Sci/Tech Meet the next four astronauts that will fly to the Moon (Happening circa November 2024 ~ Christmas 2025)


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Though we all have differences, there’s one commonality that has prevailed for all of humanity: we are all floating on a rock, flying through outer space at over a million miles an hour.

Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology in the past century, we can observe much more of the universe than we ever thought possible.

The scale and sheer size of the universe make it impossible to truly learn everything, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

NASA and CSA (Canadian Space Agency) have revealed the four astronauts who will journey to the Moon in the historic Artemis II mission, the first crewed mission to the Moon in over 50 years.

The announcement was made early Monday morning at the NASA Johnson Space Center's Ellington Field in Houston, Texas.


They are just going to fly around the Moon. They will not land on the Moon.

That is for the next mission, Artemis III, if everything is successful.
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