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Accname:        Crazy thing happened today. Was walking hom from university; some chinese girl walked up to me and started to ask me all kinds of personal questions. 
Accname:        Creepy. 
Accname:        If I get inactive soon I was probably kidnapped or something. 
tom_mai78101:    Be kidnapped, get profited by that girl. I know that Chinese girl like it's the palm of my hand. (pun intended) 
Accname:        Maybe chinese people are just creepy in general. 
vypur85:        Hey watch what you're typing dude! 
vypur85:        Now... Tell me about this girl... 
Accname:        What do you wanna know? 
vypur85:        Well, is she like.. hawt? 
Accname:        average I'd say; definitely not ugly but wont become a super model either. 
vypur85:        Hmmm... Sounds good to me. 
vypur85:        So what she asked you? 
Accname:        what my name was, what I was studying, were I was living, all kinds of personal questions 
Accname:        I sure dont know why 
Accname:        as I said, it was kinda creepy 
vypur85:        So how did you responded? 
Accname:        well I told her. 
Accname:        I mean, its not like nobody else at university knows. 
Accname:        Have been there for quite some time 
vypur85:        Any chance? 
Accname:        what ya talking bout? 
vypur85:        That she's probably interest in you... 
vypur85:        Unless, of course, you're gay or... just racist. 
Accname:        I have a girlfriend 
Accname:        and shes creepy 
vypur85:        Awww.... 
Accname:        Dude I was creeped out. She just walked past me 
Accname:        and started talking 
Accname:        it was not like I was standing somewhere looking bored or anything 
Accname:        I was busy on my way 
vypur85:        C'mon... Chinese are always friendly. 
Accname:        never said she wasnt friendly 
Accname:        but that was kinda strange 
vypur85:        You probably looked too cute to her to resist. Hahaha. 
vypur85:        She's probably at your back right now. 
vypur85:        Drooling. 
Accname:        well I sure hope not 
Accname:        what is that? some crappy teenage girls fantasy novel??? 
vypur85:        Lol. Probably just a crush I suppose. 
vypur85:        Well good luck bro. 
vypur85:        Nites. 
Accname:        I dont even know how to respond to that. 
Juno**:            Wow, cool new look. :cool:
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So we just document everything now?


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She talked to me again today. As it seems she is in the same exercise course with me. Waited for me at the door; when I came out she just tagged along and started talking.
I guess I now have a confirmed stalker. I must admit I never saw that coming...


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Oh my. This is sexteresting.
Good luck to you man.

Just tell her this, "I'm gay". Problem solved.
Alternatively, you could try, "Your hair smells nice". And see what happens.


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Certainly. But that is not always a good thing.
The first advice I can give you is to ask her this question:

"I have been seeing you a lot recently, do you want to be friends with me?"

If she said yes, she just gave you permission to get to know her. So, your next question would be "So, you've been waiting for me?". That's your cue to see if she's really hitting on you.

If she said no, you have confirmed her as your personal stalker.

What would you call it? Thats the first thing that the dictionary spit out.
Practice group?
I would call it a "lecture", since you both met each other in class.

Or you can call it a "date" if you leave the school out of the context.
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