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This aint hollywood. Nobody gives a shit about random female asian students.


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Daskunk: yo
thewrongvine: yo yo
tom_mai78101: Yo!
thewrongvine: is this a crazy plan
thewrongvine: leave everything and move out alone to CA. Attend a community college for a year there. Then apply for residency in CA, so that the following 2 years I can get in state tuition for when I transfer to a different Uni there
thewrongvine: the difficult part is to get residency, you have to be 100% financially independent, which makes paying for tuition difficult, no gov loans. But I can't do a full time job while at school, but will a part time job be enough to pay for cheap housing + tuition + living costs!?
tom_mai78101: Try getting a scholarship.
Accname: Sure tom, somebody who dropped out of school will have no problem getting a scholarship
thewrongvine: haha yeah, I'm a transfer student, which means they don't care about giving financial aid
Accname: Good luck dude, gonna be though
tom_mai78101: I did not know I am responding to thewrongvine.
tom_mai78101: Unrelated, it's the first time I ever had in which 5 most recent posts I put has no replies in 1 day. :D
tom_mai78101: Today, and possibly every other days are going to be slow days. So slow, I can barely motivate myself to be motivated.
rover2341: The trick is to be so busy you don't have time to worry about being motivated. Just keep rushing in head first in the direction you want. and you can be just like me... Finished high school in 2005.. been trying to get though school since. only 8 more classes to go.
rover2341: or be bright and not just walk in the right direction, and work hard from the start and dont just walk in the direction you want to be.
tom_mai78101: Sounds like I require more experiences.
Varine: So, I may have quit,,,
Varine: If so I'm kind of fucked, I mean I get another job without much problem, but fuck
Varine: I hate interviews... I'll give it a week and see if they call me back
Varine: Otherwise they're gonna fucking fail and it'll be funny
Varine: Will really suck if they don't though
KMilz: what were you doing?
Accname: Jerking off
tom_mai78101: Serious reply, @Varine was working as a sous chef at a restaurant.
KMilz: well, you can't be jerking off as a sous chef. That's just the wrong kinda sauce
tom_mai78101: What about creampies? :(
KMilz: That'd be a weird thing for a sous chef to make
Accname: Nah, but it would be a weird thing for a customer to order.
thewrongvine: think it's possible to sustain living costs with just a part time job, while attending school? lol
thewrongvine: with a roomate I can find places for like $350 rent, mayve $450 total with utils. I'll do bus/bike for awhile so I don't need a car. But then there's living costs + school costs
Accname: I only make 700€ at the university. But I dont have to pay anything for university and my rent is barely existent, so.
Accname: Dont know how things go in the US.
Slapshot136: I don't think it's possible in the U.S. - even ignoring the school costs, attending full-time and getting decent grades will limit your hours available for your part-time job, and most part-time jobs won't pay above ~$12/hr
Slapshot136: so assuming you work ~20 hours a week you would probably make close to $700/month after taxes - that may be enough for a room somewhere, but you won't have much $$ to eat
Slapshot136: plus you wouldn't get a very nice place to live, so it would probably not be on campus, and thus you would need to walk/bike/bus (since you can't afford a car) to get to classes
Slapshot136: and you would need time to cook/etc.
KMilz: 1. get baby 2. get food stamps 3. crack addiction 4. welfare
KMilz: your welcome
KMilz: you're*, ouch
thewrongvine: hmm. well.
thewrongvine: if the job can cover just housing/living costs. Then I suppose I will have to take out loans for school. Though I'm just doing a community college to finish my gen eds so it won't be too expensive
thewrongvine: zzz
jonas: move to a cheaper location
Accname: Like under a bridge you mean?
jonas: different city, different state
jonas: or is the rent you've given above for 2 people?
jonas: I've had friends who lived off of about 400$ a month, living in a student home for 200$ and eating extremely cheaply. Every now and then they got some money from family to buy new cloth.
jonas: ofc he took a big loan for the college fee
tom_mai78101: This is how you increase your student loans...
KMilz: I still don't see a baby in your game-plan, it's bound to fail.
thewrongvine: this will be in Cali
thewrongvine: movin there to do that whole industry thing. Preferably I'd move to Vancouver, thats the new hub, but no monies or connections there
thewrongvine: that rent would be for me alone. like $400 or so.
tom_mai78101: See if you can find 4 or 5 roommates to share a 4 bedroom home/apartment, so that you will save about $60 ~ $120 per month on rent.
jonas: Let me put it like this, if you can find an industry-level job in Cali that pays you a good salary, then you can live there and might not need to complete your education, as long as you make yourself attractive for future employers by other means
thewrongvine: yeah but I won't be able to get dat industry level job without training first, which is what I'll need the next year or so to do lol.
thewrongvine: hopefully I can survive that long
Accname: good luck
Varine: 5 roommates suck.
Accname: Sounds like gay porn
thewrongvine: yeah I'd probably prefer getting a private room, even if it'll cost more... unless I know the person.
thewrongvine: And I'll need to buy a car there too, hooray for more costs
thewrongvine: still don't know if this is physically possible
tom_mai78101: The land is too big. Blame mother nature for forcing you to buy transportation.
Accname: Because you guys have horrible public transportation. Nobody around here really needs a car. Theres subways, streetcars, busses and regular train running every few minutes.
tom_mai78101: We found a city dweller. :/
thewrongvine: lol, yeah in the city of course I didn't need a car
thewrongvine: but where I'd be moving, too large
thewrongvine: you don't NEED a car, you can do public transpo, but that's crowded and can take twice as long sometimes
Accname: I thought your money situation was dire. You sure getting a car is the better alternative?
vypur85: Hello homies!
Varine: I live where there's no public transportation. Well, there's a dude who drives a 'taxi'
Varine: But he's not very reliable, and I guess is just some dude who decided to be a taxi, but didn't get the insurance or licenses and shit.
Varine: So... I got a truck
tom_mai78101: Ford Pickup, or trucks similar to a payload truck?
thewrongvine: well no car would save money obs
thewrongvine: but it's just moreso about convenience and efficiency
thewrongvine: carrying things around long distances and such
KMilz: may want to consider apps like lyft where you get rides from other regular people. i think it's relatively inexpensive and sounds real convenient, but dunno if it'd be viable where you're headed
KMilz: also, obviously, baby-crack-welfare steps will help a lot, too
thewrongvine: ha, yeah used lyft/uber all the time in the city. It gets expensive, I mean it's a service for convenience so of course they will profit off you. It's way cheaper than taxi but still expensive
Varine: I bought an old Dodge Dakota for 600 bucks. My muffler just fell off, thus the 600 bucks
Varine: I need it anyway, working out in the middle of Montana requires some level of mountain driving on occassion. The clearance is convienant, as is the ability to pick up a couch
KMilz: yeah, i've been wanting a pickup for a while because of how convenient they are for hauling things.
KMilz: I got stuck with a minivan.
KMilz: a super cheap minivan that I haven't had to put a lot of money into, but not the truck i wanted
thewrongvine: it's the car you deserve, but not the one you need right now.
thewrongvine: do I want to spend another 3 years to finish a degree, more loans and debt
Accname: I dont know.
Accname: Why do you ask us of all people. Do you not have friends or family that would be better suited for these kinds of questions?
Accname: We are just chatbox trolls.
KMilz: that's a solid argument. thewrongvine, your retort?
thewrongvine: Well no one really knows the answer, regardless of how credible they are or how much I know them.
Accname: Then why are you asking the question that nobody knows an answer to?
KMilz: no, that works
KMilz: he's just casting his net as wide as he can
KMilz: gettin as many data points as possible
KMilz: no matter how fuckin stupid they are, it seems
KMilz: u might be able to get by with just the crack->welfare steps, but i dont think you'd have as much luck with that method
thewrongvine: I'm going to combine all the answers into an average
thewrongvine: and do that
Accname: so, do we get some kind of poll and public voting system to determine the rest of your life?
Varine: I think you should change your major to something with no relevance to what you're doing now. Just one, big redo
thewrongvine: that'd be an interesting set up Accname, a bit of Truman show on my life
thewrongvine: I'd become famous! people will write about me and I'll be on the news
thewrongvine: great scott! we've done it!
thewrongvine: we'll all be rich and famous!
thewrongvine: @Varine, essentially that's what is hapenning in the plans - a CS degree, which is pretty far from the arts.
Accname: Do you think you can just decide to suddenly learn computer science?
Accname: Its complicated stuff, its not something for everybody.
Accname: I dont know how its like in the muricas, but over here its a lot of math, theory and more theory.
jonas: yeah, I saw your comment about the correctness proof : )
jonas: here's a fun talk:
jonas: it's sad that our work on CIL and C0 are not mentioned, but understandable. Even though Cohen worked with us for quite a while.
Accname: You did that article in the link you say?
jonas: no!
jonas: Our chair gave formal semantics of two C-Like languages, C0 and CIL. Cohen (who is mentioned in the talk) was a collaborator at our chair, and if I recall correctly used our semantics in some form for VCC
jonas: we also have semantics of C0+inline assembly, which we use to to correctness proofs of operating system kernels
jonas: (we have a fully verified single core operating system kernel, and are working on verified multicore operating system kernels)
jonas: Most of that work was done before I became a student of the chair
jonas: I did a tiny bit of work on the verification of the single core operating system, might do work on the multicore operating system and the semantics of parallel C + interrupts + devices + inline assembly (God willing)
jonas: *to do
Accname: So you do static code analysis or something like that?
Accname: Thats what I gather from quickly glancing over it.
Accname: Which is funny because I am currently working on dynamic code analysis.
jonas: Yep
jonas: I have always felt you are my evil opposite
jonas: :D
Accname: You fear me because you know that dynamic analysis is simply better
KMilz: Damn, it's like Ash and Gary from Poke'mon.
Accname: Its more like star wars, I have the good side of the force and he has the weak side
jonas: do you honestly believe dynamic analysis is *stronger* than static analysis? maybe it's simpler, and gives results faster, but what use is this if the results it gives are wrong?
jonas: quicker, easier, more seductive.
Accname: how would the results be wrong? Dynamic analysis can not produce wrong results as its results are directly taken from the output of your program.
Accname: It is the static analysis that can produce wrong results because of imperfect simulations.
Accname: Or simply because of missing information like user behavior, settings, inputs, etc.
thewrongvine: dang you guys wrote too much did anyone respond to me
thewrongvine: lol
Accname: Cant remember
Accname: Who are you?
thewrongvine: thewrongvine



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Wow twv, now you got your bad decisions recorded for decades. You have a place to look back at whenever you ask yourself what went wrong with your live.


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thewrongvine said:
think it's possible to sustain living costs with just a part time job,
while attending school? lol.
Yes lol, it's possible.
As long as you and your roommate (if you find someone) can manage his share of the rent and other bills.
If you alone, then you might even need to reduce other costs.


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Wow twv, now you got your bad decisions recorded for decades. You have a place to look back at whenever you ask yourself what went wrong with your live.
More like when the plan works and we all end up rich and famous, we can cite our sources for the brilliance.


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Varine:               I wonder if they would give me another raise if I quit again...
KMilz:                There would have to be something that happened that could be considered a legit 'last straw' for them to do it again so soon. Then again, on the one hand you could be making more money, and on the other you could be done with that shitty place for good, so maybe it's worth the risk
KMilz:                i don't know
KMilz:                I'm not a doctor.
Varine:               Dude, I've had last straws for a fucking year. Today was well beyond, I'm done.
Varine:               I'm going back to Portland in a couple weeks, I'm just done here,
Varine:               It's not even a risk, I can make more money anywhere, I've been trying to make this place work because I'm tired of jumping between jobs all the time, I want to actually settle, get a real girlfriend and have a family someday. But this place, never in the years I've been running kitchens have I had to deal with so much bullshit and stress over nothing.
Varine:               I mean I don't even care about money, I'm not desperate for the paycheck. I can make half of what I do here and be fine, which isn't even a concern because this is lower than I've been paid in like four years. I just can't do this, I'm amazed this place runs at all. It'll be bankrupt next year the way it's going anyway.
Varine:               And without me it'll probably be sooner. They're not going to find a new chef that'll put up with I did for less pay, unless they totally fucking blow. I was desperate when I came here, and I was lied to from my first interview. And I hope they fail, as terrible as it is I really hope they do. These people don't deserve to succeed, this is the worst place I have worked at in my life.
Varine:               I would take McDonalds over this. At least there they have an excuse to be a pile of shit. I feel almost worthless because I spent a year here, working my ass off trying to fix their problems, for nothing.
Varine:               I'm done cooking. I don't want to be a chef anymore after here, I'm just done. Everything I gave up to try and make this work.... it means nothing, it was for nothing, I just wasted my life.. I could have been in school, or at least studying on my own, but no. I literally just wasted my life. I was stupid enough to stay, put up with their shit, so I guess I deserve it, at least. But still,
Varine:               I just can't believe I wasted this much of my life.
Accname:              yeah, classic
Accname:              thats the nice thing about not working at all
Accname:              I mean, I work officially, but ...
KMilz:                Yeah, restaurants suck. You don't need any experience or qualifications to work as most positions in most restaurants, so you're practically guaranteed to have an entirely incompetent group of people to work alongside. throw in a couple of people that decided one day that it'd be a good idea to open up a restaurant without knowing what the fuck they're doing and you've got a sure recipe for succes
thewrongvine:         lol. Life sure does suck.
Varine:               Whatever. They're problem now.
KMilz:                is ur life still a clusterfuck, thewrongvine?
KMilz:                have u gotten ur shit back on track yet?
thewrongvine:         nope, its gotten worse
thewrongvine:         my flight to LA is this coming friday, 5 days from now.
thewrongvine:         but landlord rejected my roommate and I, our rental applications
thewrongvine:         so we still have no place to live. And we have 5 days to find a place.
Varine:               I did that once. I had to live in a hotel for two months.
KMilz:                consider buying a cheap, used r/v for about 2 grand or so. You should be able to find used ones in that range that run but look like shit. easy to fix up mostly. makes you mobile, keeps the monthly bills down and gives you something to sell when you go to actually settle down someplace. if you find it for the right price, chances are you can get the same out of it a few years down the line
thewrongvine:         I dunno if I can do that ha
thewrongvine:         hotel 2 months? wouldnt that be costly?
Varine:               200 to 300 a week at the cheaper ones, I was at a Super 8 or some cheap shit. But no power or Internet, so it wasn't THAT bad, but it fucking sucks living a hotel.
Varine:               I mean you don't pay for it. They obviously had power and Internet. That was in Phoenix though, I'd imagine you could find a fairly cheap hotel with weekly rates in LA as well.
Varine:               It's a lot easier when you have your shit planned out better. Like I've got six applications in for houses in Portland, one of them will pass me before I leave, couple months from now
Varine:               If they all do then I pick what one I want and pay my deposit to hold it till I leave
Varine:               You'd be looking at 800-1200 a month probably, so it's not like it's very much higher once you add in power, considering how hot LA is you've got AC to run, plus city level rent. You're already going to pay 800 a month for a decent place in LA probably, another 100 or 200 in power, then you've got water, Internet, cable, whatever utilities you need.
Varine:               So it comes out pretty even all considering. Higher, but a hell of a lot better than an RV or the street (because believe me, streets are not fun).
Varine:               Neither are RV's, that shit'll be broken into every night in LA.
Varine:               According to the first website I went to, average rent in LA is 2000 for one bedroom. Which is significantly higher than Phoenix (that's what I was paying in NYC, and I lived in Manhattan, I didn't think it was that high in LA)
Varine:               Some of these hotels have monthly rates too. I would look up Motel 6, Super 8, etc, see if any of the ones near wherever you need to be have extended stay discounts. Hit up citydata or something, I know there are hotels there that'll cut your rate in half if you're going to be there for a while. It's better for them to ensure the room is booked than not.
Varine:               Once you hit week/monthly, they will usually drop it significantly. I've found hotels to live in for a few weeks for like 500 bucks.
Varine:               Plus cities like that usually have short term 'apartments' that are designed for people to stay in for a few weeks at least, rather than days, that's where I lived after the hotel, I think they charged me like 800 a month, but it was furnished to live in.
Varine:               Harder to find, but they're around.
Varine:               I'll see if I can find a few places that are affordable if I get some time to do anything.
jonas:                so I've been in SF for the first time some weeks ago
jonas:                So many homeless
jonas:                It's saddening
jonas:                Some of them lost their families, many handicapped too, some lost their jobs and don't have enough money to leave the place
jonas:                Soon you'll be one of them
jonas:                One of them got robbed four times while he was asleep - they took everything, shoes, bags, wallet with ID and birth certificate
Accname:              How does he know it was 4 times if he was asleep?
Varine:               He should be happy the police didn't shoot him for being homeless.
Varine:               Did you know that's illegal now?
Varine:               Good thing - nothing I hate more than someone driven to begging for survival. What worthless pieces of shit, I can't believe they can sleep on the sidewalk I have to PAY for, over the air vent I have to PAY for, while getting harassed by the people I pay to harass me and my friends!
Varine:               All the while they just EXPECT me to give them money so they can get fucked up and forget about how much THEIR life sucks! I mean, fuck, I just want to go to my house so I can be warm and comfortable without being bothered with the reality that other people are poor as fuck. I mean, WTF government? Get my tax dollars to work and get these homeless people the fuck off my roads and sidewalks!
jonas:                @Accname the nights he was robbed were pairwise distinct, I presume
Varine:               I didn't pay for that bridge so they could sleep under it
Varine:               Maybe he should fucking stay awake and he wouldn't be robbed. Where are the police to kill this complainer?
Varine:               I'm not paying 45 percent taxes for nothing.
jonas:                You mean, if there wouldn't be all of those tax loopholes that you're using, the 45% you'd had to pay wouldn't be for nothing
jonas:                In reality you pay about 15%
jonas:                *you would have had to pay wouldn't have been?
jonas:                I'm pretty bad at grammar with conditionals
Varine:               I don't know what the fuck you're trying to say
Varine:               I definately am not only paying 15 percent. Do I look Monsanto?
Varine:               Being a single male with no dependents that owns property and doesn't gamble with a college education, there are very few loopholes. I've checked.
jonas:                I actually took the 15% figure from Romney. I wasn't expecting you to pay 45% tax (in relation to your income I assume?). Are you counting sales tax or how are you getting such a figure? Including sales tax I pay about 45%
jonas:                and health care etc.
Varine:               Last year I paid 35 percent directly out of my check in straight income tax, plus another five percent on my savings account, as well property taxes, and still owed money when I did them. Montana doesn't have sales tax, and that happens to be where I live now
Varine:               Realistically I'm probably at about 50%, if not higher.
Varine:               I haven't sat there and actually added it all up, but it's somewhere around there.
Varine:               The anecdote I like to give is, as we all recall the American Revolution was largely inspired by unfair taxation. Washington DC is almost (not quite, but I think pretty close) to the distance from Seattle, as New York is to England
Varine:               The tax rate was, at the time, 15 percent at best, On average it was about 5 I think,
Varine:               And really I know the revolution was over rights really, but we didn't throw tea into the bay as a statement of unfair rights. It was taxes.
Varine:               I also find it funny that we say Baltimore is just an unruly riot of people destroying their own shit
Varine:               "Why did they throw their own tea overboard?" Said no history book ever
jonas:                :D
Accname:              is it complain monday already?
KMilz:                I know this is out of context, but if you crazy if you think a shitty R/V will be broken into by anyone. people break into things to get stuff, not to walk away empty-handed
KMilz:                the people destroying their own shit were not being activists. they were taking advantage of a wild situation and being destructive for the sake of fucking shit up. it was fun for them. it looked fun from here. comparing that and the boston tea party is straight apples and oranges, man
KMilz:                i mean, really. i watched a fire hose cut get as it was in use putting out a fire. Fun stuff, but you're not trying to help anyone by doing that, and you're not trying to make a positive difference in your community.
KMilz:                get cut*
Varine:               Have you BEEN to LA? People will break into that shit.
thewrongvine:         Too much has been said
thewrongvine:         I must've missed the previous responses to my messages
thewrongvine:         so I have no idea what's going on
KMilz:                yeah, maybe. havent been so i cant say, but where I'm from, criminals try to get stuff when they're robbing people
thewrongvine:         what happened after I said Idka bout teh TV
thewrongvine:         RV
KMilz:                u can scroll up
thewrongvine:         and yeah, LA is terrible. If you look at a crime map. Where green is good. And red is bad. The entire LA is just blood red.
KMilz:                dont worry, iforgot about that function, too
thewrongvine:         I did lol
KMilz:                haha, o
KMilz:                he said it would be broken into more than a nicer living place and i disagreed. not having been to LA, tho, i cant make a good judgement on that
thewrongvine:         okay you made me go to the shoutbox page individually to see more scrolled up lol
thewrongvine:         okay, yeah. LA sucks and is filled with crime. I've considered mobile living though, like with a car too
KMilz:                he makes a good argument on the hotels n shit vs apartment renting, tho
KMilz:                i dont usually consider the cost of utilities when im thinking about how expensive motels are
thewrongvine:         but we'll see. Currently housing-wise I have a friend who's gonna be my roommate, so we aim to split a 1 bedroom. So while usually one person pays $1500-2000 for an apartment. We will just split a CHEAP apartment, like 1200, so we pay 600 each. lol
thewrongvine:         it's just hard finding a place, most landlords reject students
KMilz:                but after having spent 4 years renting an apartment and paying more for it in that time than the house i now own plus the costs to get it in decent shape, i hate the idea of paying out money for a place and getting nothing tangible in return
KMilz:                but yeah, that's cool. do u know ur roomate yet?
KMilz:                well, that is*
thewrongvine:         not personally but he's my friend's friend so he hooked us up. We've been talking for the past few weeks through calls and messages and whatnot
KMilz:                cool, just be careful
thewrongvine:         but yeh, we have 5 days now to find a place.
KMilz:                i hooked two of my best friends up to be each others' roommates. id lived with the one for 2 years and friends with him for 7, and id known the other since kindgergarten. the one i lived with bailed on my other friend, owing him $1500 and stealing his pot brownies before just disappearing
KMilz:                so even if u think u know a guy...
KMilz:                just be ready for some bulshit, man
Accname:              you muricans are funny people
KMilz:                it wasnt very funny, man
thewrongvine:         lol
thewrongvine:         my friend was rooommates with him so he vouches for him
thewrongvine:         don't make me more paranoid haha



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tom_mai78101: I have the worst fuck ever, Around 2AM.
tom_mai78101: I woke up just to pee, opened my room door, and saw my roommate panicking and the whole living room filled with a white haze.
tom_mai78101: I asked what happened, he gave me a picture taken with his iPhone, and OMFG.
tom_mai78101: There was a fire in the bathroom trash bin.
tom_mai78101: Melted my razor knife plastic holding and spare razors, towel, two plastic bins, and the walls.
tom_mai78101: Technically, it covered a large portion of the walls.
tom_mai78101: Walls full of soot and melted paint, as if the walls are bubbling and oozing outward on the surfaces.
KaerfNomekop: Melted the walls? O.O
tom_mai78101: There are two roommates, A and B. I won't say, but B is the one I'd thank him for putting out the fire, open up the windows, turn on air conditioner to circulate the room, and just removed all of his chat log messages on Facebook.
tom_mai78101: A and B both did hooka.
tom_mai78101: Yes, melted the walls.
tom_mai78101: You know what, this is going on the History.
tom_mai78101: Again, A and B are smoking hooka in my bathroom, with a girl.
thewrongvine: lol
tom_mai78101: They were blasting reggae in the bathroom.
thewrongvine: america.
KaerfNomekop: ......Interesting roommates you got there.
tom_mai78101: I was too tired, went to bed, while they giggled and popped a few ballooons.
tom_mai78101: You know the balloons that are long, and you can make a dog out of those? Yep, popping almost half of the bag.
KaerfNomekop: Oh I thought that was a euphemism for pot or something.
tom_mai78101: The smoking hooka lasted like 3 hour-ish? I forgot the time.
tom_mai78101: Yep
tom_mai78101: But it's not pot.
tom_mai78101: Hooka is basically, you're smoking flavored water vapor.
KaerfNomekop: Ah, shisha.
tom_mai78101: You put a charcoal on the top, inhale through the tube, mixing the fresh air and the charcoal smoke into the water.
tom_mai78101: Oh, it's called a shisha?
KaerfNomekop: Gotcha.
tom_mai78101: Sorry about that.
KaerfNomekop: It's basically the same thing
KaerfNomekop: We call it Shisha back in Malaysia
tom_mai78101: Anyway, A probably was too high, dumped the charcoal into the trash bin.
tom_mai78101: A then helped the girl and sent her home.
tom_mai78101: With our aluminum foil roll...
KaerfNomekop: must have left it there for a bit, to let the fire burn so much
tom_mai78101: Me and B were like, "Where the fuck is our aluminum foil?" and came up with a conclusion that A took it with him.
tom_mai78101: Yes
thewrongvine: roommates are great.
tom_mai78101: Huh, disappointed, but not devastated.
tom_mai78101: Luckily, the fire didn't sound the fire alarm, or woke neighbors up.
KaerfNomekop: Are you renting from someone, or..?
tom_mai78101: My guess is that the charcoal simmered all the trash in the trashbin.
tom_mai78101: Yes, I'm renting my apartment with 2 dudes.
tom_mai78101: My mom's the landlord.
thewrongvine: what
thewrongvine: lol...
KaerfNomekop: lol what
KaerfNomekop: so it's your house?
thewrongvine: then you dont have to pay right?
tom_mai78101: Yes
tom_mai78101: Uh, technically, yes?
thewrongvine: lol
tom_mai78101: I'm not 100% on that though.
thewrongvine: well that's good
KaerfNomekop: I suppose it's more the principle of the thing
tom_mai78101: Yes, it would be that.
KaerfNomekop: like that kid who got in a fight with his mom
KaerfNomekop: then she decided he was gonna pay for all his stuff from clothes to room
tom_mai78101: Um, anyway
thewrongvine: lol...
tom_mai78101: Me and B started cleaning up the bathroom.
tom_mai78101: We assessed the damage dealt.
KaerfNomekop: Did the fire spread to the bathroom too?
tom_mai78101: We thought the fire is still going, so we stood in the living room waiting.
tom_mai78101: No, the fire started in the bathroom trash bin.
tom_mai78101: Charcoal was thrown in there.
KaerfNomekop: Oh, I misread. Thought it began in the bedroom.
tom_mai78101: No, fortunately.
tom_mai78101: Continuing, after assessing the damage, B was like, "I'm going to kill A for this.", on repeat.
tom_mai78101: As we waited, I asked if B had made sure the fire had stopped burning. B said he wasn't sure.
tom_mai78101: We went in the bathroom to check.
tom_mai78101: Holy fuck the smell of smoke and the odor.
tom_mai78101: We coughed our way in, pouring a bit of water on the trash bin.
tom_mai78101: This is what it looks like right now
tom_mai78101: The picture doesn't do justice, now that I see it. It doesn't show the bubbling and oozing shape on the walls.
tom_mai78101: We threw the bin out afterwards, commenting when A is coming back.
KaerfNomekop: That doesn't look too bad.
tom_mai78101: Because we poured water in the corner.
KaerfNomekop: Looks pretty confined to that corner.
tom_mai78101: Well, B already threw away an almost exploded compressed shave cream canister.
tom_mai78101: But yeah, it was confined. Should've mentioned this earlier.
tom_mai78101: Sorry about that.
KaerfNomekop: Heh, I had this image of the bathroom curtains flaming and smoke filling the room. Kinda like in Sims.
tom_mai78101: It's been 47 minutes since the incident, and my other roommate, A, isn't back yet.
KaerfNomekop: Good for you that it wasn't a big fire ^^
tom_mai78101: Yep
tom_mai78101: I had already told B to settle the repairs with A, since they both used the shisha.
KaerfNomekop: Is the paint on the walls still bubbling? I kinda wanna see that :V
tom_mai78101: I can't believed me wanting to pee while drowsy helped made me aware of the situation.
tom_mai78101: It's no more. I think the water chipped off a few chunks that you can see on the floor.
tom_mai78101: So, I'll update you all with more info once A is home. I'm wide awake now because of this.
KaerfNomekop: Aw, man. Sorry bud.
KaerfNomekop: So it's about 3am for you now?
tom_mai78101: Yep
tom_mai78101: Glad there's no class today.
KaerfNomekop: Speaking of which, I have a lab in 6 hours. Should really go to bed myself.
tom_mai78101: Alright, good night, and don't forget to check your bathroom's trash bin.
tom_mai78101: A is home now
tom_mai78101: A is in the bathroom, assessing and discussing with B.
tom_mai78101: I'll let them work it out.


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I thought it would be nice to have them separate, since they are of different topics. Oh well.

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I might split them back out again - and link them from the Main Post Index.


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At the moment, it's merged, so here we go:

Title: Running Gag

jonas: Mrs. Johns glad you got your technical problem sorted out.
jonas: I usually do these cleanups by hand... using hijackthis
The Helper: I think Mrs. Johns is gone :( at least she got helped
thewrongvine: scared her away
The Helper: yeah she felt like she was being made fun of - talked down too
The Helper: so i have not tried shoutbox on a mobile - it looks like it might work well on a mobile
Varine: Who is Mrs. Johns?
Accname: A troll
thewrongvine: scroll up. She was here recently, looking for some IT help.
thewrongvine: TH helped her. But the rest of us scared her away accidentally. I think she felt we were mocking her.
tom_mai78101: That's actually a bad thing we're doing. We should be more open to discussion, with the mentality of "innocent until proven otherwise."
Accname: this is the internet. There are no innocent people in a place like this.
Varine: Ditto.
Varine: Free help comes at a cost.
Varine: Especially when you're proposed idea to resolve the issue was post pictures in a church newsletter.
Varine: your*
Accname: oh varyne, I thought better of you then that.
Varine: Than*
tom_mai78101: Never change, then...
Accname: What is this varyne, a running gag?
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