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A team of physicists are one step closer to creating a Harry Potter-style invisibility cloak, with a new form of material that could also be attached to contact lenses to provide 'perfect' eyesight. Using tiny atoms that can interact with light, the St Andrews' researchers have developed a flexible new 'smart' material that could theoretically appear invisible to the naked eye.

Flexible smart materials that can manipulate light to shield objects from view have been much-theorised but now researchers in Scotland have made a practical breakthrough that brings the possibility of an invisibility cardigan – or any other item of invisibility clothing - one step closer.

Two challenges to the creation of smart flexible materials that can cloak from visible light are making meta-atoms small enough to interact with visible light, and the fabrication of metamaterials that can be detached from the hard surfaces they are developed on to be used in more flexible constructs.

Research published today, Thursday 4 November 2010, in New Journal of Physics, details how Meta-flex, a new material designed by researchers from the University of St Andrews, overcomes both of these challenges.

Whole article here.
Hmm I want two pieces in little circles. I could flip people out and say I got stabbed through my hand. :)
Hmm I want two pieces in little circles. I could flip people out and say I got stabbed through my hand. :)

Would that even work? I mean if that was the case you could make a big circle and put it outside the girl's changing room or something.
Invisi-cups! Be like Jesus and drink floating water!
Invisi-cups! Be like Jesus and drink floating water!


lol @ sevion

hmm i dont understand, is it clothing that is transparent or clothing that makes the person wearing it invisible?
well if it's like the invisibility cloak from HP, the cloth itself is invisible, but it also makes everything that is under it invisible as well (your line of sight would need to be cloth -> possible object/person-> cloth -> background (the italics would be invisible)
No. It's a special kind of invisible cloth. It makes the cloth invisible.... and the other cloth around it. :D
Drape over doors for desired effect. ;)

I think that would be a better way of using it, then explain it's "extra-transparent" glass

maybe sevion just needs some IR camera or something, but if you can convince the person to wear it, why not just go for the dissolvable bikini?
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