Entertainment Michael Jackson - Dead from Heart Attack?

Why is Michael Jackson categorized with pedophile?

Because he was one?

I never liked his music anyway. It's fun to make fun of him and his "sexual oriantation" but. whatever. :p

even though i havn't listened to his music much... hes still one of the best, one of the best dancer ever.
Go ahead, at least she didn't molest little boys. I guess it's insensitive that I'm not sad Ted Bundy is dead too?

We dont actually know for sure if Jackson did that. He sure looks some someone who would, but I believe it was never proved/admitted to have happpened.

Anyway, R.I.P Michael. You looked somewhat like Voldemort, yet you always managed to bring forth some great news in the papers.

My mum woke me up with the news :rolleyes:
i just read "and kept a pet chimpanzee named Bubbles as one of his closest companions. "

so i have a theory that michael jackson might not be dead if he could catch Bubbles

obviously he was trying to train in 10x gravity by attempting to catch Bubbles, and if he did so he would get training from Kai to become stronger

however he never achieved this obviously, because if he did future bulma would recognise him as needed to defeat the androids and send future trunks back with the antidote to cure his heart condition

so if michael jackson just managed to catch bubbles and get the training from kai he wouldn't be dead right now
You should judge the guy only for his music and his dance. He was an amazing singer and dancer and Guinness World Records stated that the was the most successful entertainer of all times, with the best selling album of all times, Thriller.

Stop trashing him, he was AMAZING as an artist and I don't care what he did as a person. He will always be remembered :thup:.

Besides that, as skaje said, it was never proved that he was actually a pedophile.
Why do people say that he's white?

He just had a rare case of skin discoloring, called "vitiligo". He's black all through his life.
Finally, from "Michael Jackson is a pedo. That's one down" to "Michael Jackson was a great singer. He will be missed".

I was expecting this actually.
That's a 180 degrees attitude turnaround right there!!
As large and sad an event this is... it still sucks that the one who INFORMED me was teaching me to drive at the same moment...-
kinda like "Oh yeah, M.J died today WATCHOUTFORTHATC..--"
Hehe...these days, they wanted to make sure you pay attention to the road at all times. That's a good and sad trick right here.
if there was some tribute here in sydney ill probably go to that... pay some respect for the biggest star of all times
As large and sad an event this is... it still sucks that the one who INFORMED me was teaching me to drive at the same moment...-
kinda like "Oh yeah, M.J died today WATCHOUTFORTHATC..--"

I lol'd :D


Ofcourse he made some weird or maybe bad decisions, but I'll still agree to a quote i saw on some other sites:
"Destroyed by the media"
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