Report Michael Jackson - Dead from Heart Attack?


Avoid, if at all possible.
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"What's the difference between Disney Films and Michael Jackson? Disney films can still touch kids."

No, but seriously, may he rest in peace.


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Mystery surrounds Michael Jackson's sudden death

One day after Michael Jackson's sudden death, speculation was already turning to what killed the 50-year-old "King of Pop" just weeks before a long-awaited series of comeback concerts.

A family attorney said on Friday he had been concerned that Jackson's use of prescription drugs for dancing-related injuries would eventually prove fatal and that the entertainer's inner circle had ignored his warnings.


Don't get it wrong, causes for his cardiac arrest. It is confirmed that he died from cardiac arrest.


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It's quite wonderful that two people neg repped me simply for stating my opinion. In the future I'll make sure to keep my opinion to my self. After all we all have to be the same person and have the same opinions. :rolleyes:

Thank you DrEvil and TeeAichSee for the neg rep. :thup:

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If i where micheal jackson.... i would hate all the new and stuff about me and i would.... fake my own death... i think thats what he did... i mean.. yeah i think he faked his own death. He prob paid the paramedics and stuff to act it out. So he could live a normal life... cause thats what i would do if i where him..


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This is kind of ironic for me, out of all the artists I have in my Zune all of them are dead, like Jimi Hendrix, Randy Rhoads, Ritchie Valens, Kurt Cobain, etc. The only person that was in my Zune that was alive was Michael Jackson. Sadly I have to add him to the list.


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People are saying that he (was) the most famous person alive. I say Obama was more famous. Thoughts?


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>People are saying that he (was) the most famous person alive.

And according to the non-Christian, Jesus is dead or nonexistant.
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