Microsoft flipped me the finger =/

Discussion in 'General Programming Support' started by camelCase, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Okay, not really; but close enough.
    I recently wanted to try Ubuntu but the installation wouldn't work because there was a disk drive "Q" that was inaccessible; even to me.
    I googled a bit and the reason for the phantom drive was none other than MS Office 2010.

    So, I thought to myself, "I shall remove MS Office 2010, install Ubuntu, then get MS Office again".
    Bad idea.

    Uninstalling MS Office removed MSWORD.olb from my computer, which I didn't expect.
    And I was working on a C# project which relied on the assembly file (or w/e it is called).
    The project in question automates the creation of a .doc file and inserts some data in a certain format.

    I tried to reinstall MS Office but it turns out that I lost my product key and Microsoft's site said I couldn't recover it =/
    I also couldn't install the trial versions of open office "because of a previous trial installation".
    I had a previous ORIGINAL installation ffs.

    So, I now have a broken C# project that I spent weeks on and it's left me terribly frustrated <.<
    I'm guessing that all I need is that one msword.olb file to get my project running again but I couldn't find a download for it anywhere.

    Ugh, Microsoft.
    (Yeah, I know I'm to blame here because I didn't keep my product key safe and all but just let me blame Microsoft)
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    have you tried a system restore to a point in time where you had office?

    after that, I would try using the disk management program to create a new partition and install ubuntu there - there shouldn't be any issues as long as you boot up from a ubuntu CD

    and as a fail-safe, I would extract your office 2010 product key from your install with a program like magic jelly bean and e-mail it to yourself (include words like office 2010 key so that you can search & find it if/when needed)

    P.S. I do not know about a Q drive, and I have office 2010, haven't had any issues with anything like that
  3. camelCase

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    Yeah, it goes, "System restore failed... couldn't restore XXXXXXXX."
    I tried to restore to two different points =/

    Strangely enough, the files it couldn't restore were from the C# project I was working on <.<
    But the solution is still fine, it's just the assembly or COM object that's missing (w/e it's called).
    Weird, huh?

    Luckily, I'm still schooling; I should be able to buy a new copy of MS Office 2010 for a cheap price, at least =/
    Lesson learned here ><
  4. azareus

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    Just call MS and say you lost your key. They give them out like candy.
  5. The Helper

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    As soon as the executable is on the machine that the program is ran on it should work even with your broken reference. Just change the make so it ignores the broken reference if you can. Then try it on a machine with Office.

    It should be looking for that office files location in the registry so you might just have to find the right registry key to add for the C++ make.
  6. C-Death

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    It won't be hard to get a new key from Microsoft. I've had to do it several times, it goes about like this:
    Me: "Hi, I've lost my key to Microsoft Office(word what ever it is you need)"
    Microsoft: "Can I have your name please?"
    Give them my name
    Microsoft "Alright Mr (nameless) your new key will be sent to your email"

    It's really easy.

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