Technology Microsoft Japan’s experiment with 3-day weekend boosts worker productivity by 40 percent

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    Japan has a reputation for not being so great when it comes to work-life balance. And it’s a reputation that makes sense, considering the country routinely scores toward the bottom when it comes to employee satisfaction around the developed world.

    For decades this has been a known problem, usually resulting in companies having after-hours meetings to try and figure out how to reduce after-hours meetings, or just shrugging and declaring that “it can’t be helped.”

    But some businesses are finally taking actual steps to address the problem. And one of them is probably the last company that many would expect: Microsoft Japan.

    Read more here. (Sora News 24)
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    Great! Now we just need managers to get over their biases and actually implement something counter intuitive like this.
    Not holding my breath; a man can dream though.
    A man can dream.

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