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Microsoft's touch-screen Surface computers have debuted in a Las Vegas casino bar giving Sin City partiers high-tech tools for flirting and concocting cocktails.

Harrah's Entertainment Inc. became the second business, behind telecom giant AT&T, to deploy Microsoft's computer technology which essentially turns table tops into touch-controlled computer displays.

Harrah's said it put six customized Surface computers in a bar at its Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.

Harrah's crafted its own software for the machines and equipped them with cameras so people can send pick-lines, drinks or both to bar-goers they are interested in connecting with in real life.

"People continue to be excited about the endless possibilities of Surface technology and how it can transform everyday scenarios, including the social and entertainment space," said Microsoft Surface general manager Pete Thompson.

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Pretty cool. Pretty old.

Bout time they sold a couple, they announced the product over a year ago..

I wonder when I'll be able to have one in my living room.. hehe..
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