US News Mid-Michigan officer sets record, uses pen until it dies

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    A Clinton County police officer is earning praise and admiration after doing something that law enforcement officials see as a completely impossible task.

    On their Facebook page, Bath Township officials said officer Trenton Bailey set on a mission no one in law enforcement history had ever done.

    “To use up an entire pen without losing or breaking it,” the department said. “We are pleased to say he finally succeeded.”

    Officials posted a photo of the history-making pen.

    “This pen has been rescued from mud puddles, the side of the highway and even the deep depths of that slit between the seat and the center console in the cruiser,” the department said. “He may or may not have even had to drive back to someone’s house to retrieve the pen.”

    In Mt. Pleasant, Officer Bailey earned praise from his peers.

    Read more here. (The Morning Sun)

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