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I would like to present you the newest version of Middle Earth Risk. This map merges strategy and tactic and in my opinion is a very good choice for people who wants an intelligent game.

Middle Earth Risk 7.91 download


Versions: 7.91, 7.9, 7.81, 7.8, 7.7, 7.6, 7.5, 7.42, 7.41, 7.4, 7.32, 7.31, 7.3 by Kamulec
Here is a lot of authors of older versions. An author of the first based it on Europe Risk.
My version 7.3 is based on 7.2 by Spontanus & Risk_FTW.
Middle Earth Risk 7.91 is the newest final official version.

The most important differences between Middle Earth Risk 7.91 and 7.9:
- errors fixed
- new commands: -color (let to see a list of players’ colors) and –teams (let to check who’s teamed with whom in –ao2 mode)
- terrain changed a bit
- improved Information (F9)

The most important differences between Middle Earth Risk 7.9 and 7.81:
- removed possibility of crashing the game by long-range units (they don't jump into the circle automatically)
- resolved problem which turned towns into neutral
- fixed other errors
- special points renamed to points
- very big changes in descriptions of units, auras and abilities, information (F9), text massages and hotkeys (added and adjusted)
- rebalanced units with damage reduction (strong body, robust body), cleaving attack, heroes and few other
- conditions of victory set for every mode
- -np (No Pacts) mode
- -ao2 (Alliance of 2) mode where everyone can choose one teammate during the game
- game begins after minute while which red chooses a mode and submodes
- submodes: -g7 (begin gold = 7, begin points = 0), -rules (no pacts out of team), -80% (win with 80% of towns), -90% (win with 90% of towns), -t45 (set turn time on 45 s) –t100 (set turn time on 100s)
- in some modes and in –rules submode host can kick
- in team mode when player leaves his income, resources, towns and units are given to his teammate
- control is shared automatically in team modes
- palantirs in Minas Tirith and Istengard
- nearly free control of camera’s distance, degree and rotation
- new icon for points and Nazguls, 3 new models
- some changes in overview
- bridges work without errors
- if you start to rise/draw a bridge or open/close a gate you see a massage
- Shelob changed strongly – she doesn’t move and can’t be hurt by range attacks, player who defeat her gains 25 points (not 50)
- lifesteal auras (except of Aragorn’s) don’t work for Dead
- heroes haven't web
- catapults are more expensive
- eagle has an aura, type of Which King’s aura changed

The most important differences between Middle Earth Risk 7.81 and 7.8:
- the server split does not happen any more (Maszrum from Arcane.pl helped me strongly)
- script optimization
- changed and added descriptions
- statistic of some healers and units with cleaving attack changed a bit
- some other founded problems resolved
- a little changes in overview

The most important differences between Middle Earth Risk 7.8 and 7.7:
- statistics of ALL units, hero, special abilities and auras have been balanced and remade according to the mathematic
- gates work properly
- changed taxes and spawns
- resources changed: Wood has been replaced by Special Points and Food by Glory.
- Special Points (SP) works similar to wood but you get SP/turn = (Glory+3)/4
- you don’t need Glory/Food for hero
- hero aren’t so mighty warriors as they were. Now they are useful only as a support (as it should be)
- no hero cloning. You cannot buy a new hero with the same name while old one is still alive (ex. there can be only 1 Which-King same time), excluding Nazguls.
- 4 new heroes: King of the Mountains, Gandalf the Grey (+new model), Gandalf the White, Black Rider
- new models, other visual changes
- changed sounds of armor (while hitting) of many units
- units and hero changed for being more similar to LotR
- changed paths (walls are not able to be passed)
- 4 units added
- 3 units removed because there were an invention of MER’s authors and don't exist in LotR
- new commands “-to X” “–from Y” which let you to make a charge into or from the caves
- it’s easier to use Cair Andros’ bridge
- a lot of small changes and fixed bugs
- changed F9, improved hints, thanks and credit

The most important differences between Middle Earth Risk 7.7 and 7.6:
- much more balanced units (about half of them was changed)
- gates and bridges works as they should (times is needed for opening and closing them, they are repaired only at the beginning of each turn)
- a ford added next to Osgiliath (units move really slow in it and aren't able to attack effectively)
- Moria replaced by Misty Mountains
- Mithril Mines replaced by Moria
- North Rohan replaced by Enedwaith
- West Rhovanion replaced by East Emnet
- lands of Harad renamed
- Brown Hills called Iron Hills
- gold and spawn system is partly changed
- 4 new units added
- undead dwarves removed
- 7 new models
- outlook changed a bit
- new hero: Aragorn (very effective against Deads)
- Thurin, called Dain, moved into Iron Hills
- few units renamed (Beregond called Faramir)

The most important differences between Middle Earth Risk 7.6 and 7.5:
- much more balanced units
- removed few bugs
- rebuild of income
- defending in caves is no longer way to splash enemies
- les differences from Tolkien's world
- new hero: Eowyn (very effective against Witch King)
- more balanced
- les differences from Tolkien's world
- better outlook, 1 new model

The most important differences between Middle Earth Risk 7.5 and 7.42:
- new models in game
- more balanced
- les differences from Tolkien's world
- better outlook
- remade information form F9

The most important differences between Middle Earth Risk 7.42 and 7.3:
- more balanced
- les differences from Tolkien's world
- renamed towns
- correct information which country's part this town is
- better outlook
- list of authors
- removed not actual information form F9
- to4 mode



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Screenshots? I cannot upload .tga here. Sorry but now I have no time for playing with converting and resizing.

The loading screen has been probably made by Tolkien. It's good cause it shows correct area (nearly same as gameplay area) and have a small size.
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