World Miners Accidentally Discover 70-Million-Year-Old ‘Sea Monster’ in Canada

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    Miners digging for gemstones recently found another kind of treasure when they stumbled upon the fossilized remains of an ancient “sea monster” in Alberta, Canada.

    Ammolite miners working on a mine near Lethbridge last month discovered a mosasaur, likely of the genus Tylosaurus, that lived during the dinosaur age about 70 million years ago.

    The mosasaur dominated the seas when most of the planet was ocean, Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology’s director of resource management Dan Spivak, told CBC News‘s Calgary Eyeopener.

    “It’s still pretty much encased in rock, but based on what we’ve seen from other similar type of animals this is a large marine reptile,” Spivak said. “It kind of looks a little bit like a swimming Komodo dragon, maybe with a bit pointier nose.”

    The miners, who were looking for pieces of rainbow-colored ammolite that could be made into jewelry, were digging at the Bearpaw Formation. Around one or two fossilized marine reptiles a year have been discovered at the site, so the recent find was not a complete surprise. But what is rare is a discovery of a nearly complete skeleton.

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