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Rise with the Fallens!
Don And Thewrongvine with as an helper (Ban-Lord) Present:
Mini Aos TW

Map infos:

It look like an AOS and is has Aos in its name but is it really an Aos? I could answer this question with 4 words, no it is not. But such a-like.

At the beggining, i started to work on the terrain and tols myself ''i can't handle all this work''. I finally thought about an helper, one who could bring up the map with better ideas, a good trigger-maker, someone with a brain filled with ideas.

Wishes, wishes, they finally cam true when Ban-Lord said he wanted to work with me.

Yes, it was in the third page but now will be updated weekly (if not daily). Ban-Lord introduced a new playing mode, changing the concept from A to Z. This work is complex, is actually in need of a bunch of variables, arrays and surely, some triggers (leak-free triggers).

It works that way:

1- You have a base with a builder. This base can be upgraded 50 times. Also, you have income (gold and wood), this income is shared to your team's computer (in red case, it would be gray). This cpu as shared units with you so you can upgrade your main base (owned by gray). The only way to upgrade your base is to have high income. But her we stop, how to make income?

2- Your main base's upgrade generate better units faster, that you send both in the middle and in other player's line. Units sent to other player's line work counter clockwise. That way, red send to pink, who send to yellow, who send to teal, who send to red. All units face in the middle in a gigantic fight. BUT!!!

3- Once you upgraded your base 10 time, 2 more units will spawn each side, making it more difficult. AND, as like as if it was not enought, you have a troop brainwasher that is filled with auras. This troop brainwasher is evolving everytime you upgrade your base! That way, your units get a boost of speed, damage, armor, life regen and more!

4- If you want to survive, you need to build towers in your line. You have the choice between 11 towers (won't reveal to kill the punch) and every can be upgraded 10 times.

5- For the ones that like danger and difficutly, to upgrade the game play, there are 2 shrines at your disposal to summon units while your base is loading the better ones. These shrines give you income each summon and are used to finish players.

6- In your main base, there are all kind of upgrades for both your towers and units so they can do a great job.


Q- Can my builder build in the ''X''?
A- No, he can't, if he tries to get in the ''X'', he will automaticaly be returned to his team's base.

Q- What happen if i mass units and they get stuck in the middle?
A- You wont mass, there will be a system to stop massing.

Q- If i die, can i stay and watch the game?
A- Yes, you can choose, when you die, either to stay and watch or to be defeated (menu).

Q- How do you win?
A- When all your opponant's bases are destroyed (can take time since you can upgrade the base!)

Q- How much towers and units type are there?
A- For towers, 11 different kinds and for units, over 70 different units (50 for base units and 20 for shrines units)

Q- Are air allowed in this TW?
A- Red can choose to type ''-noair'' without the cotation marks to remove air from the game.

Q- Will there be other versions of this TW?
A- Sure yes!
It is hard, and there are multiple upgrades and tactics to win! It will be a map that procures lot of fun, and will be directed by good players.

Some big thanks to Ban-Lord and to everyone here at the helper.

Expect to see some screenshots and some beta test in the following weeks!!


In need of sleep
this sounds like EXTREAM AOS (yes, that is what the map is called) Pathing, teams, creeps (the ideas practically the same)... its just about all there

oh did i mention, i think the map dimentions are the same too


Rise with the Fallens!
nah, its nothing like it, it is ''a-like'' but not the same, i did this as i thought it would be a good idea! And the map dimensions are 96X96.

Please, more helpers?

PS. i'll make a FAQ soon!


Rise with the Fallens!
happy to hear that, lets continue the project via PMs.

And for information, or for updates, post here!

+ Tell me where you live so i can know your GMT (approx) and when you can do things with the map!

P.S. I'm doing some changes to the map and send it to you right after so you can know how it works and everything. I hope you are not using either JASS or WEU. + in the triggers, I make a changelog. things to be done and things allready done.

I'll come back to you with the map asap!


Rise with the Fallens!
Ok, i'm GMT -5:00 so we should fit!

(its 15:30 for you??)

PS: 100 POST FTW!!


Rise with the Fallens!
Legendary update.

And will be updated weekly (if not daily)

Read first post and post your comments (no it is not like XTRM aos!)


Rise with the Fallens!

I need a new helper, ban-lord couldn't do it anymore!

So who's up in making a TW and is an experienced trigger maker and good unit creator?

Please, i want some people to join ask for the spot, it is really needed.


The Evolved Panda Commandant
Er... what part are you doing? Maybe I could help with some easy parts... otherwise, I could be too busy or I might not know it. :)


Rise with the Fallens!
ok, i will see what i can do but for the rest of the project, we will continue trought PMs and when updates or informations, i would like you to post here.

PS. i need you to make units, towers and maybe abilities. +, if you want, some of the triggers EVEN IF they are almost completly done.

Thanks vine :D


The Evolved Panda Commandant
Perfect... relaxing job where I just sit there and change stats for units. :D

So, just tell me how to get started and stuff.
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