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    Age of Conan is the new MMORPG coming in may, one of the new plots is that there will be a whole new battle system and you will be able to do stuff that hasn't be possible before

    Character customization


    Designing your character in Age of Conan is far more elaborate than in most other MMOs. The system is made so that everybody should be able to make their character look unique, allowing you to choose the size of your chest, nose, the height of your eyebrows, the length of your face, basically every measurement of your body on a sliding scale, and of course, you're able to choose your hair style and colour and many other things as well.

    now you can remember your friends on how they look.

    Player Cities and Battlekeeps

    The sunset in KhemiTo give players a way of forming the world, Age of Conan enables guilds to build both Player cities and Battlekeeps.

    Player cities gives the guild an opportunity to build buildings that can perform beneficial tasks for the guild, such as creating a NPC controlled vendor where guildmembers can sell items, and players from the guild and other guilds can come to buy.

    The Battlekeeps are built in a zone specifically designed for PvP, called The Border Kingdoms. There's only enough room for a limited number of Battlekeeps, so if a guild wants to build one and there's no more room in The Border Kingdoms, they are forced to attack a current battlekeep to take it over.

    Mounts/Mounted Combat
    when you hit a Unknow level you will be able to choose a mount, so far they have only reavealed the Rhino, Horse, Mammoth. the mounts will somewhat be customization-able like the characters where.

    <<more to come>>
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