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Here is the unit queue + progress bar I have made (100% freehand and photoshopped) for my warfare CTF map Demolition X. I have named it Modern Unit Queue because of it's more modern look in-game compared to the default Wc3 Unit Queue.

Well I wanted to make a new concept in unit queues, and instead of squares that contain the icons of the units trained or upgrades researched, I have made spherical figures to make a more different look and a modern-style unit queue. This unit queue is best used for Warfare maps, Space maps or maps that have a sort of 'spacey' or futuristic theme or in a modern warfare setting.

Import Paths:
Here are the files inside the .zip in this thread, besides them their corresponding import paths when used in your map.
Modern Unit Queue - UI\Widgets\Console\Human\human-unitqueue-border.blp
Modern Progress Bar Border - UI\Feedback\BuildProgressBar\human-buildprogressbar-border.blp
Modern Progress Bar Fill - UI\Feedback\BuildProgressBar\human-buildprogressbar-fill.blp

Tips and Tricks:
To make the 'Training' and 'Research' texts blend w/ this unit queue's colors, go to Advanced>Game Interface then find Text - General - 'Training' and Text - General - 'Researching' fields then add a gray hex color code (like c44444444 or anything grayish). There you go, your unit queue interface is complete!

Please give me credit when you use it in your map. Don't edit it without my permission.



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It looks fine and all, but it looks really weird with the icon on it. And the outer stroke of the spheres don't seem to really fit in. :\

But it will probably be useful to certain maps.


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I tried to make the icons fit in the sphere's strokes, but I don't want their sides to be overlapping w/ each other when it gets too big, so I kept it that way.

Anyways thanks and all:)


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maybe if you put corners on the circle edges at the points where the icon's corners overlap it would look more like they fit into a slot rather then sit on top of the circle... I mean it looks good but the unit icons do seem to look slapped on
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