Sci/Tech Monkey in U.S., through brain signals, controls robot in Japan

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A team of Japanese and U.S. researchers have successfully conducted an experiment in which a monkey's brain signals in the United States were transmitted over the Internet to maneuver a humanoid robot into walking in Japan, the Japanese team leader said Tuesday.

The technology is believed to have the potential of being used to develop, for instance, a prosthetic leg that could be moved by a person paralyzed from the waist down just by thoughts in the brain.

"There may come an era when you could move a remotely located robot as if it is yourself and play tennis with it," said Mitsuo Kawato, research director of the government-affiliated Japan Science and Technology Agency, at a research institute in Seika, Kyoto Prefecture.

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This + The mind control implants they were testing on mice a few years ago + Working cloning = Duplicates of yourself you can control at will.

Gimme that.
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