US News Monument to ‘god of chaos’ mysteriously appears in front of Oklahoma City restaurant


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An Oklahoma City restaurant has a concrete problem in its hands.

Staff at Paseo Grill, located in Oklahoma’s historic Paseo Arts District, are still making sense of a mysterious concrete block that materialized on their front lawn last Friday.

The three-foot-high monument to the fictional deity Azathoth is rough to the touch. It appears as if it has been chipped loose from a base.

And it’s so heavy that three strong men could only make it budge an inch.

“This is not something you just drive by and throw out the window,” restaurant owner Lesley Rawlinson told The New York Daily News. “Someone had to come and set it down here.”

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practical jokes are great!
Theres a small chance it could have been done by the restaurant in order to gain publicity.
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