Morphling Wars - New simplistic take on arena


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Morphling Wars:

Morphling wars is an arena FFA map where your hero can change into 10 different SC2 units. No wierd, custom abilities. just straight up SC2 units. The object of the game is to kill your opponent by constantly changing your unit to counter your opponent, then change into another unit to counter your opponent's counter and so on.

For example:
You see a stalker so you change into an immortal.
Your opponent counters and changes into a zealot.
You respond by changing into a ghost and chain snipe the zealot.
Your opponent reacts by changing into a High Templar and feedbacks your Ghost.
This can go on forever, until one loses or runs away.
Sometimes you may encounter more than one enemy, in this case things can get confusing. You can use spell casters like the Raven or Sentry to throw your enemies off and turn the tide of battle.

Here is a list of all the units, you can instantly change into:
Dark Templar
High Templar

***In order to play this game you have to create a private game; the orange join game button seems to get stuck on "waiting for players", i don't know why.

***This game is hosted in the NA servers, join channel 'mw' if you would like to play a game of morphling wars with me!

***Although this game can be played with 2+ players i would recommend to have at least 4, as it can be quite boring with only 2.

-If you like the game please rate it in the arcade reviews, it would really help me out.


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This sounds interesting!

I can definitely see it become very micro intensive, but there are some things that worry me.

I feel like dark templar is going to be very powerful if there's no other way of detecting your enemy. The only way to see/damage a dark templar with those units are with a raven, ghost's emp or High Templar's Psi Storm.

Sure, there are counters, but they feel very hard compared to using the dark templar.

How will you manage the energy?

The Zealot feels pretty weak. I would rather use a dark templar to counter the immortal.

Other than that, it's a good idea and I'll try it out for sure.

I think the reason for the "waiting for players" problem is something about an option related to lobbies when you publish it.


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Don't worry Siretu! There are no cloaked units in my game, any unit can see the dark templar and any unit can see a burrowed roach. As for the energy, units will not regenerate energy unless you are using that specific unit. However, energy regenerates about 10 times quicker.

I have also balanced out the units so a tier 1 zealot can fight on par with a tier 2 dark templar. A zealot would be a better counter to the immortal because it has hardened shields(which can also be EMP'd), with the zealots fast attack speed and low damage it can take the shields out quickly. The dark templar however, is a high damage unit and low attack speed.

The purpose of the dark templar is that it most damage in the game but its also the slowest unit in the game. Morphing into this unit after using zealot charge or blink is a great combo. By combining different unit abilities together you can be creative with counters other than relaying on hard counters.

Its also not as micro-intensive as you might think, the most micro required is shoot and scoot. All this game requires is that you simply have a general understanding of SC2 unit counters in a normal game, and if you don't you can always check out the tips!

***I've also solved the 'waiting for players' problem yesterday, it was an option in the arcade info.


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I was the old uploader for this map(may be old version) for EU.
Now I delete map from my uploads to discharge the original name of map.
If you want I can upload new version to EU


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Ok I upload map.Set name to to Morphling Wars BETA, but in game i can see only parram/value. Can you fix it.Also no have patch note.
Next time can you give me map that i dont must do anything only publish.
Set map name in map info
Make description and give credits to you
i have space for 19 maps more :)
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