Most annoying Warcraft experiance

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Rofl, what kind of an idiot would destroy an ally's entire military force and then call him a noob, LOLOL! (laugh out loud out loud :p)

I have had soooo many annoying games on Parasite ---- sometimes the alien camps the oxygen generators after turning them off, so I die within 5 minutes automatically, or go into space and just go hide waaay out in a small little ship and take forever to kill -_- Sometimes they hide out on the planet, althoguh that is easily avoidable because you can destabilize the planet's core and blow the whole dam thing up :D


i was playing a halo maul, doing fine, no leaking AT all, reading the chat listining to red, blue, and gray curse at each other saying ur mom, etc.... Well it was round 17, i was kicking serious ass, but gray sold of hid towerz and started laughing, i knew this meant trouble, but i didnt think he'd go crazy on me! so round 18 comes, he BLOCKES MY MAZE, but i pwn so much, that i killed the monsters so fast that thye didnt get time to attack WHEW, but alas, i had to go and tell red; RED GET GRAYS TOWERS OUT OF MY BASE PLZ!!! well in this version, thier are two towerz controled by red, the surface nexius, and the somthing or other tower. well red, uses the somethign or other tower, and destroys grays tower! but also blows up my entire maze.......... that cost me 4500 so now, we have monsters every were, no gray, pink bitching cuse blue stilling his killz, red going oh shit, not paying attention to anything, all the other colors leaving the game and, me the only that was trying now has no maze..... real fast the game whent BOOM, i just stared at the screen lika this for a while--->:eek:


Very recent one, way worser than the other one, alsop explains how levels and stats dont show how good a player is:


me, lvl 15. orange. undead.
other player, lvl 5. green. orc.
other player, lvl 17. pink. undead.
enemy, lvl 23. brown. nightelf.
enemy, lvl 1. yellow. random.
enemy, lvl 20. red. random.


timbermaw hold, again (that is what the one before was).

At the beginning of the game, me and the lvl 17 had death knight and 5 ghouls, i got talisman of the wild and summoned 3 furbolgs at a gold mine.

Later, red came to the furbolgs. He was human, he had lvl 3 paladin and 7-12 footmen. My furbolgs defeated about 3/4 footmen before they vanished.

Very later and green has got a lvl 2 blade master and 3 grunts, he runs over to the satyrs at the corner and dies.

While he revives hero and gets more units, me and pink deicde to attack.

They had only their main base, an altar, a burrow and barracks each , we wondered how they got all these:

red, lvl 5 paladin, footmen x 10-12, riflemen x 3, mortar team x 2.
yellow (nightelf), lvl 3 keeper of the grove, treants x 2, archers x 4, druid of the claw x 1.
brown, lvl 6 demon hunter, lvl 4 priestess of the moon, archer x 3, ballista x 2, druid of the talon x 3.

Us two die and then to make it worse, the lvl 5 player starts destroying all his buildings and then sent his units to a dragon roost (enemies got there first), he died to dragons.

other player has left the game.

now red comes with a lvl 8 paladin and mass gryphons.

Destroys my base and my ally unsummons to save money and builds a base somewhere else.

My hero is still alive so i explore the map only to find at the other dragon roost area is some bases, they were very big with all the other stuff.

They finish me off and i leave.


Their tactic was good but VERY VERY annoying!

They made the entire game so unpredictable !!



It only does everything.

im NE and my allies have NE and orc

we start rushing and its all good but then 45 min l8r after every1 creeped, the whole opponent team came with shamans, taurens, druids of T., archers, necros, ghouls.

We start defending and it goes all good.. but my orc ally is noob and thinks we lost so he quits.. We keep playing and then this becomes a really exciting game becuz both of army match up (with the leaver's army too) then my NE player start making an army of ancients of war and he says its good finish off and i go :eek: :rolleyes:... then we find out enemy which has human was massing tanks...we lost...


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Lord_Phoenix said:
it does sound like a good tactic, but wouldn't the Pali not be able to res his griffins when they die?
True, but while they're alive, he can Holy Light them and give them more armor.


I come from the net ... My format, Vector.
other player-devil4era-NE

starts off me and other player number 2 pick units and start working up the tree i notice devil4era on minimap has nothing i look over in time to see him UPROOT HIS TREE SO THE GOLDMINE GOES AND DETONTE ALL HIS WISPS!!!!! my other ally leaves before i can say stay and the other teams like "err dam" and im like "its ok im staying im not gonna be a jack ass noob" so i fallow my belife of getting beaten not owned and put up a huge fight microing 2 bases at once vs. 3 other players (they kill the last of the bitchs NE base) and it was crazy i lost my nornmal base took the non-jackass leaveres NE base and went wall time with my peasetns pretty soon full farm wall 4 peasents on reapir and 6 Acient Protecters behind them i have my Pally from my human base and a Preistess of the Moon my favorite hero adn a butt-load of archers enemys come moster battle and were all like gg sorry about friggen noobs i kept devil4era on my freinds list and tryed tos talk him for a month but it was a diff. account and i never saw the jack-hole aging....
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