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Yeah i got some idea of this map and started to do it..hope everyone would rate it...i wont make a poll but anyone that watched this movie just rate it between 1 to 10.

Just ignore the ....unknown name..they are just my friends xD

Here's the map:
Random Movie

Sry about file front but the file exceeded my storage of my attachment
The text ruined it for me. Also some nice terrain would have made it look better.

The effects were nice but the scenes could have been faster. Actions scenes are usually like BAM!, BAM!, BAM!, BIG FINAL BLAST!.

I rate it a 6 out of 10.
o_O~ I am bad in terraining...so i just leave it plaint -_- rather than making some ugly terrain.

scenes should be faster...hmm...i might do this for next map~ nice idea
good thing on a movie are eye candies, good thing you can make one
im lazy on making cool eye candy
so your think is this movie are good or bad..?
Movie are not like spell...any any any eye candy can be maked inside
nope i didnt watch it, because it is school time already, and i dont have my wc3...
I would rate this movie 5/10.
It may be a little cruel but all the things you made dont have something special its just disappearing, reappearing and hitting.
Also no terrain?????
It would be a lot better if it had terrain in it.
And the end sucked a lot.A panda killing the guy with only thunder claps.Geez.

Sorry for being that cruel it was just to point out your weakness on this video.
However, it needs patience and work to make a cinematic and for that reason you get +rep from me.
Next time i hope give us something more enjoyable.
Keep up the good work.:D
nope and nvm...thanks for your feedback cW...i'm making another movie but that cinematic is base on a theme :''Spell''...i will make diff btw this and tat..

I cant figure out how to fit the ending...so just add a simple simple ending to it -.-lll
Thanks for your rep
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