Moving Image Shakes (HTML5 game Question)

Discussion in 'General Programming Support' started by rover2341, Dec 13, 2015.

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    Doing a HTML5 Canvas game.

    The issue is, when i run the game moving blocks less then 1 pixel. They seem to shake.
    I assume its due to the fact that i can only draw per pixel and not per .25 pixel.

    so it sits for 9 frames, then the 10th one is moves.
    stop stop stop go

    Is there any way to deal with this? (maybe with programming, or maybe with game concepts)

    1px per frame is WAY to fast.
    (when i tell it to move at 1 pixel per sec ( or even .5 its ok))
    you cant notice anything.


    SOLVED - Close Thread

    I wont use continuous movement
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